Idea #46 from the EYE2018 Report

28% of the European population lives in rural areas but not enough is being done to address the inequalities they face in the areas of political representation, mobility and access to knowledge. They lack the possibilities and opportunities to explore experiment and discover in the same way the urban population can. As a result, young people are forced to move elsewhere, leaving behind them an ageing community in decline. The EU should inject its rural areas with vibrancy, with the objective of retaining its currently dwindling youth community, but also presenting an alternative living option for young people in cities struggling to meet the rising costs of living. If rural areas are to become more attractive to young people, it is paramount that all their basic needs can be serviced.

- Adequate infrastructure must be provided which allows young people to reach personal, political and educational self-realisation.

- Extend the availability of education services to remote areas - such as courses with non-physical participation, in particular those aimed towards agricultural entrepreneurship.

- Regions should be able to fill in their own rural development programme, allowing them the freedom to incorporate the individual needs of their young demographic.

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1. Why and how would this idea benefit young people?

2. Which groups in society would be impacted by this idea, and how can their different interests be accommodated?

3. What would be the practical steps to implement this idea in your town, your region, your country and/or at the level of the EU?

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The rural zones, in fact, don´t offer any type of attractive to young people, even their must follow studies out of his town. Since they are child, as citizens of this areas, they see how to go school, high school or college have to be on bigger towns or cities. In this way, our proposition is: - Assure and efficient public system, increasing the cultural center (on all types, like education, sport, leisure and health service) to make sure that child and teens could develop personally and socially in his hometowns. Furthermore, to encourage the creation or transfer of public companies on this towns, getting to this young the chance of a future on his hometowns.
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Now a days, we can not imagine in our daily life to have bad comunication: can not call someone because you have not coverage, have only one transportation option in a whole day, not have internet access... Unfortunately, this is the reality of many villages in Spain. It is necessary to improve the means of communication and transportation in these areas to be able to give them an opportunity. Increase the connection to bigger places and improve the coverage and the internet access will not be cheap if private companies take care of it. Because of this, we propose: Improving the linkage, as telematics as physical, by means of a public system purchasing better life conditions, increasing the attractive of the rural áreas.
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