Idea #48 of the EYE2018 Report

My idea would be to utilise social media platforms to inform young people why it’s important to vote, how they can register and where they can vote. Traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, TV and radio adverts no longer reach young people. The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism research suggests 51% of people with online access use social media as a news source34, which is in turn controlled by a particular echo chamber. Someone who is engaged in politics is more likely to see political calls to action on their social media channels. One way to challenge this would be to create ad hoc social media campaigns throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This could be done by engaging various political groups to utilise their networks and share a common message that emphasises the importance of voting among younger generations.

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1. Why and how would this idea benefit young people?

2. Which groups in society would be impacted by this idea, and how can their different interests be accommodated?

3. What would be the practical steps to implement this idea in your town, your region, your country and/or at the level of the EU?

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First of all, this idea will benefit young people because they probably don't have much information about their political Rights, and It can be useful por them. Marketing in social networks will impact in young people and their close friends and mates. Front my pont of view, we could insert ads in Instagram instastories, twitter accounts (with a CM that knows all the trends) and YouTube ads to amplify the message.
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Nowadays, people use social networks to publish everything that happens in their life, from their food to their trips. In general, they waste time looking at people's lives and the opinion of people is very important for them. That is why much of his life corresponds to the internet, they decided what to do and how to think according to what they see in the social media. So, my idea is using the social network Youtube and Netflix and hiring some relevant people in this network to promote the parlament elections and to raise awareness of the importance of voting. This kind of videos would include interviews with MEPs, and the history of the European Parlament. This idea would benefit young people due to the fact that they will have a wise opinion about the issue and the contact with the Parlament will be close seeing the interviews and answering their questions. This idea is focused to young people who watch the videos of Youtube, and also all the customers of Netflix. The first step to build this idea will be taking contact with the celebrities in this social network.
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