Idea #80 from the EYE2018 Report

The EU should fund a publicly owned enterprise that hires scientists, programmers and software designers to create a free anti-virus software and distribute it to citizens of Europe, for free. Open-source products have the benefits of being collaborative and ensure that systems are robust and adaptable to new threats. By employing the best of the best, Europe could provide an important public service to its citizens. In addition, purchasing anti-virus can be costly, meaning some businesses and individuals may choose to work and live without important anti-virus software and leave their systems and staff vulnerable to new threats. One basic step for the majority of internet users is downloading an anti-virus software on their device. Due to the online-scams and lack of information, many citizens feel overwhelmed when choosing trustworthy and quality software that will protect them. By supporting and creating a publicly owned organisation, this would ensure an available democratically accountable and citizen-focused anti-virus system, which would provide immediate, tangible benefits for the security of European citizens.

Please answer

1. Why and how would this idea benefit young people?

2. Which groups in society would be impacted by this idea, and how can their different interests be accommodated?

3. What would be the practical steps to implement this idea in your town, your region, your country and/or at the level of the EU?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


1.It benefits young people because they are the ones who spend more time in the internet environment, social networks, etc ... Also, with this project there is an investment in technology and skilled jobs. 2. All social groups will have an impact due to this idea, because most people use a mobile phone, which is the type of device with the highest number of attacks received. In addition, there are already antivirus programs that are free, but these, in exchange for it, obtain private data from users. If an european public antivirus is performed, the control of private data will be collected by the administration and not by private entities, which is a danger. 3. The steps to implement the idea should come directly from the administration, because it is a system that should be global for all citizens of the EU member countries. The basis of the implementation must be subject to a prior evaluation through certain tests in different territories to check vulnerabilities in the project.

Votes: 68

1. It benefits all young people mostly, since they are the ones who make the most use of new technologies, social networks and, in general, the internet. Each time young people are making less use of traditional media and more in this environment. 2.Young people are the ones who would be most affected, but it also affects all of society as a whole, because the idea of ​​creating this software affects everyone indirectly. The idea can be adapt to the interests of society because this idea have a lot of demand. The idea is to be effective and safe from threats. 3. To implement this idea, I believe that it should be done at all levels of the administration, but with greater effort in the local administration, which is the one that is most in direct contact with the citizen. I would also implement it through an app. Citizens could download it easily and enjoy its advantages, with the guarantee that it is democratically reliable.

Votes: 80