Idea #47 from the EYE2018 Report

In order to make the EU more youthful and vibrant, why not encourage young people to stand for election? Low turnout is often a symptom rather than a cause. Some MEPs are hoping to return for their sixth mandate - this gives an image of a dated, out of touch EU which isn’t wholly representative of the society that elects it, particularly of young people. This could be countered by encouraging political groups to create a quota for younger candidates. Furthermore, the European Parliament could create a dedicated committee that focuses on young citizens and the future of the EU. Young people demand to see an EU that shows it cares. This idea was also expressed during the EYE in 2016, suggesting young people still see this as a solution to be properly considered.

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1. Why and how would this idea benefit young people?

2. Which groups in society would be impacted by this idea, and how can their different interests be accommodated?

3. What would be the practical steps to implement this idea in your town, your region, your country and/or at the level of the EU?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


Report on participation in elections  Transform the available information into a more visual and attractive way of communicating due to the fact that today, we get the info from sources such as Instagram (youngsters) Facebook…  Get in one click all the information needed on elections and procedures  As it has already been said, the possibility of creating a “Young comisson” inside the EP, a group that will asset the petitionts of this large group of europeans. A first tstep towards the presentation of Young candidates to the elections  Introduce in the education curricula information on procedures, deadlines, requirements and benefits of becoming a european candidate at such a young age  Raise awareness and achieve a bigger visibilization on the european initiatives and policies so that the whole civil society sees the big impact it has on our daily life A bigger share of young representation would mean a best protection of our interests and petitions and better structured economic aids The generational change would affect the whole population but in a positive way as we are the future An intelligent usage of social media implies a bigger visibilization of the european institutions make it more “citizen friendly”

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1. First of all, this idea could benefit young people because they could have a real power of decision within Europe and its institutions, in the same way that the rest of MEPs. Talking about how could benefit us, I think this proyect could bring us more representation and voice to all the problems and thoughts that young people have. 2. Mainly two groups of the society would be affected by this idea: The adult people, but actually the interests of the adult people wouldn’t look affected, that is because they still would have the same opportunities that they have right now. Obviously, this purpose would affect possitively to the young people, it could provide more opportunities in the European policies and in the European political life to the young people. 3. Improving and creating all the programmes that have the European Union intented to the young people. In the same way that the Erasmus program is destined to the education, the European Union could create programs to encourage young people to participate in all the programs or elections of Europe.
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