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How can the European Union and civil society promote pro-social engagement and voluntary work?

How can the European Union and civil society empower young people to take things into their own hands and to participate in social and democratic life?

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Hello! I'm Andrea, from Naples, Italy. I'm achieving “Liceo Classico”'s diploma, so I have been studying Ancient Greek and Latin. I'm very interested in Classical Cultures and my dream is to become an archaeologist. I see that today Italian and European people are not aware of the importance of these languages. I'm concerned about it. I would like that Europe encourages and improves the knowledge of these literatures that so much influence our social structure as we know it. If people study Classical Literature, they will discover that problems like populism and environment's protection have been already analysed by others, before us. A classical education can contribute to the development of a European IDENTITY. And, in my opinion, the development of European identity is the only way to face external dangers (including terrorism). «Dead languages» is just a definition coming from the pervasive ignorance that affects people, who nowadays just search the "useful" in technical skills which are more and more threatening cultural stability. These languages are alive. They are in everything we believe in, in every aspect of our life, in democracy, in law, in occidental thought. They are the expression of an ancient civility on which we are based. Just think about word "Europe": it is an Ancient Greek word. Our ancestors are the reason we are who we are and forgetting them means refusing our roots. We have to recover the classical values and we have to renew them. Keeping attention to not exploit their messages, we have to analyse literary texts and to adapt them to our times, also using new technologies and mass media. As Thucydides said some years ago, Classical Culture is a possession FOR ALL TIMES (“κτήμα ες αεί”) and for everyone, without discrimination. Thank you for your attention.
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I find that often people aren't invested because they feel like it doesn't make any difference (to vote, to be informed...) It would be great for Europe to use the digital tools to revolutionize democracy and make the people feel way more concerned. 1/ => We should, for each European decision, ask the EU citizens to vote like EU parliament members on the internet. The results should at least be showed to all members of the parliament on a big screen for every vote, but they could also count officially for a certain amount of the total votes, so the parliament would really consider the vox populi and the citizens would have the feeling to participate actively. 2/ => Likewise, we should give the possibility for people to propose new ideas/projects/laws trough systems like an "EU kickstarter". Citizens can vote for each idea, and if one of them reaches x votes it's automatically discussed at the parliament.

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My group was concerned with education. Actually, curricula could change. Maybe there is a way to supervise them or found European schools or pay for extra classes in civics or create a program for schools which could apply for a certificate and get extra points in rankings for introducing EU standards?

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Good idea to question Mark Zuckerberg. Why isn't it possible that our generation can do the same with the president of the European Parliament? The final event in the Hemicycle was a first step. But it should be normal that he has to ask our questions and has to defend and to inform us (the next European generation) about what he and his parliament is doing.

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It think it´s not that much about "politics", beacuse politics seems very far away for most young people, it´s very abstract, it´s "too big". I think you should rather give the opportunity and a little bit of money to found a club for almost whatever they want: for sports, urban gardening, bike sharing, waste cooking, cultural issues,... It´s amazing what young people can get up, if they have the opportunity and a little support. Beside that they gain so many personal skills and learn project-management by hands-on. The most important things are: It has to be fun! and has to be THEIR project, THEIR ownership. As I said: give them a little bit of money from the government for the start and may some support by a national agencies. I am sure young people got great ideas, but sometimes it fails by implementing it.

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The European Union by no means should encourage young people to take matters into their own hands due to the fact that they could engage in illegal means. Instead, we should encourage them to participate in social and democratic life and let them know that their voices are heard and important because the biggest problem is that many feel their voices are not heard or/and not important.

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I think it would be great to create a flyer or a website that has all the informations in it you could need to get politically engaged. The flyer should be send one time a year to all citizens of the European Union.

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I think it would be great to create a flyer or a website that has all the informations in it you could need to get politically engaged. The flyer should be send one time a year to all citizens of the European Union.
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FACILITATING YOUNG PEOPLE’S ENGAGEMENT THROUGH A ‘EDUCATION POPULAIRE’*PROCESS BY PROMOTING VOLUNTEERING AND RECOGNISING THE SKILLS ACQUIRED Nowadays, too often young people are accused of not making a commitment and being simple consumers. However, I underline that having a job allowing time to do something else is important. However, only a few have time and financial means to make a commitment outside of work. This is why I want young people’s engagement to be recognised, facilitated and seen as a real participation in society. The engagement is a source of fulfilment and development of human skills. Engagement must be at the service of our life-long personal construction. I propose to make pupils aware and value the culture of engagement and ‘Education Populaire’. *Education Populaire is the life skills that one person develops throughtout his/ her life, engagements, responsabilites, experiences and opportunities. It is not through school education, but through extra currirular activities that you develop those skills

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I will express in my language, one language that our MEP can't use in our European Parliment. La Unió Europea s'està enfonsant com a sistema. Tenim el problema dels refugiats, el Brexit, el canvi climàtic, els bancs i, d'entre d'altres, la violència policial que la població de Catalunya va patir el passat 1 d'octubre com a resposta de la determinació de la gent a votar en el Referèndum convocat pel govern de Catalunya. Tenim una UE que no respecta les llengües minoritàries de les regions que la conformen. Com voleu que un català es senti representat si els eurodiputats no es poden expressar en català? La UE necessita respectar als ciutadans que la conformen només així el projecte europeu es podrà salvar. Solució? Apliqueu els Drets Humans que dieu defensar, estigueu al costat dels més febles i no dels mercats, serviu als vostres conciutadans, només així els ciutadans tornarem a creure en aquest projecte.

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