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How can the European Union and civil society promote pro-social engagement and voluntary work?

How can the European Union and civil society empower young people to take things into their own hands and to participate in social and democratic life?

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Decrease the voting age, give them money, more time and less expectations. Stop telling young people what is "right" or "wrong", they will find out on theirselves.
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The European Union should focus more on education on its work. To make young people particitpate in political events or projects organised by the EU, the youth first needs to understand why we have a Union, why we started to cooperate with our neighbours. This could be done by adapting national course curricula. Then, the youth can be further educated on more specific political topics such as voluntary work (European Solidarity Corps) and initiatives that could make the young people participate socially and democratically. Let them know how they can contribute to European integration and let their voice be heard.
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It is hard to participate in social activity if there is no money to live or you have no time for that. So the work need to be done to fight unemployment and reduce working hours, possibly using automatization. * The education system should do better job at exploring pupils passion in clubs, like acting classes, or make your robts classes, or ecological passion club. Even make video games classes. This should do schools so it will be widely avaiable.* There need to be funds for social service NGO action. * There need to be a swich in culture from candy entertaiment to something with meaning. Culture focuing on important matters. * The culture need to be wide spread, elites dont need to be educated or activated. They already are. * Promoting idols who do good.

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