There are growing concerns if globalisation and automation just benefit the “happy few” or work for all.


Where would you invest in jobs and education to reduce youth unemployment?


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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


As the biggest beneficiary of globalisation trans national companies should have a key role in the redistribution of globalisation gains: They should be forced to invest in lifelong learning programs, in school education regarding computer skills and also by the compulsory redistribution of shares through improved labour regulation as wages and social benefits. This could be done by an automation tax. There should also be an agency that matches TNCs with NGOs in which they would need to invest to reduce the negative aspects of globalisation. To prevent tax evasion there should be social minimum standards in all the European countries! This goal would also be served by an international transaction fee so TNC who choose a low-tax land for their headquarters while they produce in another would still need to pay their fees. Another point that is crucial for youth employment is not only the aquisition of soft skills through mobility programs as Erasmus+ but also and even more importantly their RECOGNITION by the employer. The European Union should promote the Erasmus+ program to future employers and guarantee that they are being valued. The Youthpass is not enough to ensure that.
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Again, this brings me back to education. Education is vital to securing a job and progressive flourishment in our youths. It is also vital for there to be apprenticeship opportunities and training programmes that allow our youth to learn and gain experience. The most common thing employers ask for is experience, however, this is redundant because how can one gain experience without being given the chance to do so? Therefore, I propose that there be more apprenticeship programmes and opportunities for the youths to gain valuable experience and become better equipped for work.

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As a small group in our English class(Junior Ambassadors) , we were discussing the issue on automation in Europe. A modern day problem that causes unemployment in all age groups by replacing human workforce with machines that do the same work but automatically and cheaper than humans can do it. We have thought of some suggestions in order to help reduce unemployment due to automation. The EU should provide benefits to companies that offer programs like Erasmus or other job employment programs in order to encourage them to keep offering these programs. Science should have more capitals invested in it so that more business and economics sections and more jobs could open up. Human workforce should be integrated in these automated systems in order to constantly keep them up and running and also have a balance in the workplaces. Adults need to be retrained to go along with the new trends and youth has to be educated in the new methods to keep up with technology. Startups need to be supported and new ideas encouraged in order to keep the youth dreaming and opening new businesses in order to create new job openings and decrease unemployment a step at a time

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Automation causes unemployment, especially youth unemployment, because human workforce is steadily replaced by artificial workforce, and this is an undisputed fact (take a look at Yahoo!, one of the biggest multinational enterprises, that employees only 8.500 people!!! Now this is ultra greedy) The solution is: Automation tax! Since enterprises use automation to make profit by laying off employees (therefore paying less in salaries) and increasing production, we can tax their profits so we can pay for the welfare and unemployment benefits for all the people, especially the younger ones, that will either lose their jobs or be unable to find a new one. We can also use these tax payments to invest in other sectors of the economy, help create more jobs at them, and redirect all the people that cant find work there. In addition, we can invest money from the automation tax in education, to re-educate people and youths unable to find work so that they learn about something that can be useful in the new era of automated production.
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Europe should produce more on our own. Electronic factories could be locate in Europe just fine. There will be need for healthcare, automat/programmers, genetics, and high level science. We need to better job at showing teenagers that science could be awesome. Or teach kids coding video games. Do better job on fast pacing very gifted and focued yonglings. Spend more on prime science. (2% GDP, are you kidding me?) Also kids should be made "smart" and easy to adapt, and communite with peers. School teaching should be more elastic to let kids fallow the passion. Some people are dancers, and such are also needed. Avoid overproducing liberal arts major or managers. At least dont tell kids it is great idea. We dont really know what future holds. We should be able to radically retrain adults. And help people move around.

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