People love the Robin Hood story, because he took from the rich to give to the poor.

- Do you consider the idea of a basic income without conditions for all as an adequate answer to globalisation?


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Základní příjem je rovnosti práva na život spojí rodinu komunitu přatele odstranění bídy vymažeme závist vše další je na každém strůjce svého štěstí a dalšího přijmu na víc bude rozvoj člověka který si sám rozhodne kam bude jeho život směřovat

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Sadly, I do not. Global workers deserve fair income. Imagine USA already broke and printing money, giving it away for free, while people in China work like crazy for nothing. If you can provide basic income in China, than the idea may perhaps be worth considering.
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Man and justice (or solution to crises) Aristotle said: "the typical thing for a state is right and justice." And we have not been able to fulfil it till today, but we have almost each time used each possibility to escape this statement, we have always chosen corruption, clientelism and for the most part the “law of the strong hand.” The higher consciousness of right and justice we have, the higher level of basic human rights it enables. Today we consider for instance the right to elect to be a basic human right; we can also understand the right for money – basic monetary allowance for everyone without any exception as a socio-cultural minimum of advanced society. When a state contributes to someone with social or other allowance, it discriminates some people in favour of other people. In front of the law we are all equal. If this is not so, it leads to violation of legal conscience of an individual human and his moral and ethical attitude. So if some people not only think but also want to carry through some aid, allowance, money for certain group of people or individuals – it does not matter how human it might seem – then we can understand it only as an impetus for a deed within society, but not as the deed itself. If we want to put it into practice we shall think it through so as the other people would not be ill-conditioned, disadvantaged in front of law nor mutually between each other. And it means to provide this allowance, money to all without conditions or making differences. And then we cannot talk about motivation or ill-motivation to work, as it would be valid as a law equally for all people; by such step we would shift the level of legal consciousness to a higher plane. If this does not happen then it leads to an exemplified injustice within the state, slavery of the “weak ones” and violence of the “powerful ones” – we have no right to force anyone to work against his/her will. What quality has a work performed by someone under compulsion?! Tomas Aquinas said: “compassion not followed by a deed is not charity.” So if we have compassion with the weak, ill, pour, then to help them, to give them money from common till means at the same time to provide such an aid equally for each one. Not only to the weak who need money, but also to those, who give money, from whom the state takes money through taxes, as the money actually come from them, as it is actually a common till, not a private one. It is a matter of new human right – money as a right; it is the issue of participating on common property. It is an issue of our mind, not in means of something uncertain, general – the state is us - but a very real deed through providing monetary means, allowance appointed to each human being and paid each month as a share on commonly created value through specialization and distribution of work (not within the sphere of production or commerce, but) within the whole society. Today we are considering allowance of 250-330€ for SK. As money have become a basic vital necessity because of the high level of dependency of an individual on distribution of work within the whole society, this brings us to the level of our legal consciousness – consciousness of a human society. Nevertheless, this is only half of reality. We must find the second half when acquiring the money into our common till. Tax cannot be realized as a criminal deed of blackmailing citizens by the state. In the area of taxes, deductions and fees we cannot make differences between who and what we put tax on as well as where and when we do it. Any one-sidedness in preferring one tax over the other (tax structure) or the means of their acquisition is destruction of justice. To apply Justice without damaging legal consciousness of an individual in contemporary economical system means to consolidate all taxes, deductions, fees into one tax. One tax does not make differences between who, what, when and where or how do we tax and that is why it should be very low, fixed, instant, overall and applicable only to money – if we recognize money as a right. In economical terms it means to widen tax basis throughout the whole tax sphere and cancel all exemptions. It does not apply to humans, products, services or property. There is no need to confiscate property, restrain people or compel them to work or support red tape. It can be done by banks in a form of percentage (for SK ca. 0.7%) from each payment and there should be established cashless payments (today it makes ca. 70-85%). Today we have reached such a point and on its basis we also act – the law are money, money move the world – but that accounts just for those having money. If we want to live in legal society, then money as a basic right cannot be denied to anyone. To except, understand and realize this means to implement a society based on conscience. Money as a right can create consciousness of what we are doing. Money have power The Constitution of SK, art. 2, sec.1 State power comes from citizens Let’s give money to people Do we want the power of money?! Let’s tax money And man will receive dignity and conscience of society

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One effect of a UBI would be to reduce the differences between wealth in different parts of the country - in Britain, for example, the South is far wealthier than the North. For it to be adequately funded, it needs to be accompanied by monetary reform, on the lines proposed by Positive Money: stop private banks from creating the money they lend, and make a government body responsible for creating all the money needed by society, and crediting it to the national Treasury to be spent into circulation, without creating any debt in the process.
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Yes, it is the first step towards the entrance to what will be the third path of socio-economic development of mankind. But the amount of the amount allocated derives from objective economic considerations and not from our dreams or desires as it happens today
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Buenos días,la robótización de nuestro mundo nos conduce a la renta básica irremediablemente.No hay otra opción.

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Instead of UBI, there could be some public services founded by Euro budget, which means that Rheinland will found some services in South. Generally Rheinland benefits from common currency with lower exchange rate even with positive trade balance, on the other hand South production is more expansive thanks to higher euro exchange rate for them. The solution is a constant transfer from center to periphery, as long as system is running it is good. The prime services to Euro fund are: Research (5% GDP) divided into grants, some of them needs to be multi years one. Army (2% GDP) common army might as well be founded by Rheinland, Healthcare (10%? ) Euro citizens deserve good health in general. Nature preservation (1% GDP?) in the end we all benefit from nature and air. There is a risk of giving money directly to fellow govertment, since they could really waste it. Direct specific fund is more resistant to local populist.
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ALL the test of a UBI I know so far: 1) Brazil 2) some african countries 3) Dauphin(Canada)) and EVEN 4) the current test of the UBI in Finlnd which isn't really a test of the UBI because it's not sufficient to live of it have shown similar effects: - less stress - less sickness - more education - less criminality How many tests do we need before we START TO ACT?

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You just need to educate the wealthy that a basic income would repair demand in the real economy and increase their wealth..done.

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Running tests on artificially set up towns would not bring answers we do not already know. Corporations and even small businesses pay a lot in taxes compared to individuals. The more fully automated jobs (no must to pay any salaries in these fields), the better chances to earn money by f.e. posting on Instagram and / or being unemployed. Focus on technology, supporting collectivity (international startups etc.) and reinforced education may catapult Europe's people to the top. European Union for a stronger, consistent, better functioning Europe is the way. To Basic Income, and further.
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