People love the Robin Hood story, because he took from the rich to give to the poor.

- Do you consider the idea of a basic income without conditions for all as an adequate answer to globalisation?


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On the foreground of fiat monetary creation sustaining a debt based ethos (all new money is conjured into existance as a loan by corporations called 'Banks') - there is no purpose to an UBI. First and foremost, what needs to be established is a transparent, accountable committee which administers propperly the growth of the monetary supply at the societal level, in a value based ethos. This can be done quite simply with the current infrastructure and technology at hand. Then a basic income would suit nicely as a foundational support for creative citizenship.
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I think it is just as first sight a good and fair idea, but why giving money to reach people? They don´t need 1,000 Euro per month, but will laugh about it. Giving people money from taxes, is taking it from all private persons (also the poor ones) instead from companies, the companies are earning money on our backs. Promote inheritance tax, reducing corruption, stop paradise papers, well paid jobs for more people could be more sustainable and do not cost taxes.

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Basic income would allow us to have more time for personal and communal development, going from learning languages or music to be invested in local economy or associative life. It would allow us to escape to the pressure of doing ridiculous jobs and let us more time to actually make this society better. So far, most people interviewed in France said they would keep working, but most people thought that everyone else would stop working. Paradoxal, isn't it ? Everybody likes to feel useful and needs to have time and space to do it.

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Of course it is! The globalism-related, free-market and open-border policies that the EU follows attract enterprises as well as people. While these policies are beneficial for the economy (and the EU did good in following them), they're main side effect is that they have caused a dramatic increase of antagonism and unemployment in the job market, because enterprises usually prefer to hire people that are willing to accept low-paying job offers. The influx of foreign people into the EU that hadn't had a chance to experience our higher standard of living or get to know their labout rights or even human rights, usually results in these people easily accepting low-paying job offers, or even worse, getting ripped-off or exploited. This is not only harmful for them but for native residents of the EU too, who are getting excluded from the job market due to our (rightfully) increased demands from our employers (health insurance, pensions, minimum wages etc) and most jobs end up getting outsourced or given to people who are forced into accepting low payments out of need. The only ones that arent harmed by this situation are the Big Businesses. Their profits continue to raise but sadly they dont not trickle down to us. The solution is simple: Basic income from everyone. It can be funded either through increaded taxatation to corporate profits or by nationalizing various enterprises deemed important to public interest and sharing their profits in the form of social dividend, which will constitute the "basic income". This will cause a "trickle-up" effect: Low-paying jobs that offer salaries lower than the amount of the basic income will be avoided, forcing all formely low-paying employers to increase the salary they offer or risk losing their workforce, which is a good thing as exploitation (especially of foreign people) will be dramaticly decreased and wages will be generally increased, also closing the income chasm between foreign-naitive people. In addition, the increased income will increase the purchasing power of the public and therefore will increase consuming. This will also be beneficial for enterprises, which, despite their initially reduced profits due to (possible) taxes, will see an increase in their profits in the long-term due to higher consumer spending.
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Europe should found the live action experiment, on greater group 10000+ people, and for long period 10+ years. Also the data collection should be very detailed. Also it should be in more or less set up enviroment, maybe somewhere in Germany or Finland.

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It is too early to speak about UBI in Europe. We do not even each singularity yet! There is a lot to do and produce in Europe, we just spread too much money outside. Also people are not supported if they want to move around or radically change profession. Reaching full production potencial should be our priority for now!
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Too early to tell now. There should be better theoretical background to answear that. At some point we could perform regional test with one small town having it. To see how people react and change their behaviour. There is a barrier of how rewarding work is. If the low income jobs are not rewarding, or have other negative effects like workplace abuse or social stigma for performing low income jobs, then basic income without other actions could remove people from workforce.

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