Wildlife crime and habitat loss have pushed many rare animals to the brink of extinction.

What can the European Union and the member states contribute to stop criminals and to protect threatened animals?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


Zoos IS Not the solutión. IS natural parks or protecting áreas for the endanger species. So they can live in mature And reproducction. Preventa extintion And monitoreo

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Europe is one of the most powerful regions in the world, so that it could and should fight wildlife crimes and protect biodiversity. In order to complete this mission, the European Union and the member states have to reveal more and more adverts and articles dealing with this issue, whether in magazines, in the streets, on websites, or documentaries on TV. That way, both adults and teenagers could be aware of reality and realise the importance of wildlife and the impact of humankind on it. However children too should feel involved as soon as possible, meaning that a part of their education has to be dedicated to what’s truly happening to Nature and to endangered species. All it takes to protect wildlife and biodiversity is education and awareness. Moreover, actions such as donations to environmentalist associations, for example WWF or The Nature Conservancy, need to be promoted. And remember that every action counts ! Nowadays Europe has already taken place in this fight and suggested solutions but it doesn’t mean that we’re coming to an end, there’s still so much more to do ! Indeed natural reserves can be found in almost every country, but yet not have stopped poachers from committing crimes to wildlife. That’s why european organisations should create more of these reserves and train better and more people to an adapted protection of threatened animals. Furthermore, forbidding criminals from hunting is a priority such as prohibiting circus and zoos from owning and training wild animals. The men’s pleasure to discover girafes, to own ivory necklaces or to applause a tiger jumping through a burning circle is purely selfish. No one has the right to decide the life of an other living being, it is as simple as that.

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The same attitude from trophy hunting, animals are seen as commodities and not living things. We need to expand the safari trade so that viewing these animals in their natural habitat is more accessible to the west and in turn more profitable to Africa. A prime example is African farmers instead of killing wild animals that trespass on their land and endanger their lives and livelihood will now (because of trophy hunting) reserve a plot of their land were they can protect these animals from poachers. This is just an example of how the solution would work as in this case its only prolonging the death till someone pays more for the whole head of the rhino than just the horn. But if we make it more profitable for the farmer to protect the animals in their own environment it will be more beneficial for all parties involved.

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Stop the import of materials coming from animals! Like ivory for example, right now ivory is being imported in Europe with the claim of being 'vintage' or 'retro', while research shows that the objects in question are actually being made from fresh ivory! These lies need to be stopped. Also, we should make clear to the people that products such as tiger balm have no 'magical' powers. These kind of beliefs are not from this time anymore. We should start protecting the nature reserves better. Train more rangers who keep an eye out for poachers, I would love a job like that. The biggest threat for nature right now is one of her own children: the human kind. So make the world conscious about what's happening to the rest of natures children! And stop materialism!

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Protection of wildlife requires Education and awareness, as basic as that. Consumerism, wealth-orietend standards and lifestyles are big societal drivers that drive animal species to the edge of extinction. We must stop thinking, for instance, that a dead bear or a dead lion are a trophy worth admiring, or a trophy for which we deserve admiration. Shifting cultural paradigms in Europe and in the World for societies that stand for life protection.
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I believe the European Union should introduce more bans upon hunting and a ban on hunting as a whole to protect our wildlife. Not just banning the hunting itself but banning the thing that encourage hunters to hunt these precious animals. The things that encourages them to do is is the knowledge of making a lot of money from it. So, I also propose to ban all clothing that are made from an animal e.g. furs, skins etc. This will take money from the hunters therefore giving them a lot less motive to keep hunting these animals.

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One thing we can do is to forbid keeping wild animals as pets, which also means banning circus from using wild animals. If govertment find someone is keeping pet tiger he will be confiscated, neutred and put in the shelter.
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