Wildlife crime and habitat loss have pushed many rare animals to the brink of extinction.

What can the European Union and the member states contribute to stop criminals and to protect threatened animals?

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Protection of wildlife requires Education and awareness, as basic as that. Consumerism, wealth-orietend standards and lifestyles are big societal drivers that drive animal species to the edge of extinction. We must stop thinking, for instance, that a dead bear or a dead lion are a trophy worth admiring, or a trophy for which we deserve admiration. Shifting cultural paradigms in Europe and in the World for societies that stand for life protection.
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I believe the European Union should introduce more bans upon hunting and a ban on hunting as a whole to protect our wildlife. Not just banning the hunting itself but banning the thing that encourage hunters to hunt these precious animals. The things that encourages them to do is is the knowledge of making a lot of money from it. So, I also propose to ban all clothing that are made from an animal e.g. furs, skins etc. This will take money from the hunters therefore giving them a lot less motive to keep hunting these animals.

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One thing we can do is to forbid keeping wild animals as pets, which also means banning circus from using wild animals. If govertment find someone is keeping pet tiger he will be confiscated, neutred and put in the shelter.
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