Britain leaves the stage - the curtains are closed and many questions open.

Will Brexit trigger domino effects in other countries and regions or reforms to revitalise the European Union?

What should be in a “Brexit survival kit”? - Erasmus, free movement for young people, more essentials?

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Hi all. For me as european citizen, I've got a lot of worries about the new frontier. We've read about a "soft frontier" in the last negotiation about Brexit between UK and the EU. But being or not a soft frontier, it's clear that there will be a lot of new problems for european citizens and for Irish population in the Republic of Ireland or in the North of Ireland. A new frontier means that our Schengen area will be not more operating in the UK, then that's a bad new for all of us. But for me the worst part of this kind of "divorce" is for Irish citizens and for Irish peace process. It's well known that Scotland and Northern Ireland vote NO in Brexit referendum, even the protestant-unionist community in Northern Ireland is (even not everybody) against Brexit. After the Good Friday Agreement, we've had twenty years of peace and now the Brexit and the new frontier mean an important risk for peace. Irish republicans say that this is the opportunity to make an united Ireland again, and the unionist community say that that's not going to happen, and the most extremist factions of the republican and loyalist organizations are threaten to take the guns again. The peace and stability that the EU brought to the conflict, maybe with this divorce is coming to its end, hope not.

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We lost the United Kingdom. It's gone and not coming back. So what has changed since then? The Alternative für Deutschland is the largest opposition party and the Sweden democrats are more popular than ever. We have some Member States in the east clearly violating European laws and values and not one, but two eurosceptic and populist parties in the government in Italy. What has changed you asked? I fear the response. The calls to revive the Franco-German engine, the engine of peace and integration is a fools errand and even if it was realistic, it's far from helpful. We've already talked about the AfD in Germany, but we must remember that Le Pen was a close second to Macron. A significant portion of the French aren't looking for integration. Further integration is the last thing the EU needs right now. Further integration, at a time of chaos, would not bring order, but only bring a stronger split between those who wanted integration, and those who didn't. Pursuing integration will always come at the cost of disenfranchising those who lose from it, and embittering those who didn't want in the first place. So I say no to integration, and yes to cohesion. The EU must take a hard look at itself and reflect on the nature and state of the union. The Member States must begin a clear dialogue between the heads of state, or even at a wider, parliamentary and citizen level, of what they actually think of the EU and how to make it work for them. The only way to bring Hungary, Greece, Germany, Italy and Spain back to the EU, not as reluctant states, but as willing partners. And the only way to achieve this is wide scale negotiations and possible reform. Because after all, isn't politics all about finding the way to make the best compromise for all?
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Brexit at the moment is a very much debated matter. It divides the world into two parties, and it seems like the one that is winning is the one that voted for the Brexit. I, for example, am not at all confident about this decision taken by the UK Government, due to the fact that it might affect more than their status, it will affect its image and its economy as well. By agreeing with the Brexit, many students might lose the chance to study in the UK due to the fact that the tuition fees will go up and the only way to get into the country is by VISA. From my point of view, a better look into this matter should be taken because many opportunities will be lost and other countries that have close relationships with Great Britain will suffer( eg: Canada, Australia, New Zeeland) because what strikes the UK will strike them too. Such thing might happen to European countries too, because from the early stages of the EU, Great Britain has played an important and major role.
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Reforms are very necessary, and if Brexit has made the urgency of this more clear, then that would be at least one upside of this otherwise nonsensical endeavour. It's important to make sure to keep the young British generations in touch with the rest of Europe, so that we can have friendly neighbourhood relations and exchange ideas as well as goods. Continuing or increasing exchange programmes is very necessary! Hopefully this might also keep the door open for the British to return to the family once the dust has settled on Brexit, and they are ready to get involved again in the EU as team-players. If free movement for young people, or even an option to get European passports are possible, we should go for them!

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English dramas are well known in the world, need to not let comedy turn into tragedy. EU reforms are needed with or without UK. But the reform should be more into direction of eurobonds, common debt, european corporate income tax, or capital gain tax. Free global trade is less free if your partner dont care about human rights, or workers safety. With all their flaws English are our friends. We fight so many wars together, sometimes even on the same side. So far negatiotions eems fine, priority is divorce bill, Irish situation and citizens situation. In future negotiation it should be made clear that european capital stock exchange cant remain in London, and must be somewhere inside EU. Let that sink in. Young should not suffer for the sin of fathers. So all programs avaibale. Also Academics should find new workplace inside EU. Generally there need to be a lot love going on. 48% of voters said EU, we cant screw them, since UK politicans already did.
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