Scientific evidence gives us a strong of urgency to fight against global warming. Ignoring the voice of scientists would only push the risk of climate collapse to the next generation.


How to cut greenhouse gas emissions and shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy sources?

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The European Union(EU) has ambitious CO2 targets for 2050, a full 80% decrease at minimum or even 95% at max. While the goals are ambitious, they are distant still, and the Finnish winters are growing ever shorter, warmer and less snowy. 2050 might be too late to protect our winters, and it will certainly be so if we go at it alone. The 28 Member States look to the EU for a stronger negotiating position and strength on the global arena, and as such the EU must ensure that we're not alone in our ambitions for a snowy future. The EU should take an active role in ensuring the other states follow their treaty obligations under the Paris Accords and any further details settled. The least disruptive and non coercive methods are negotiations and cooperation at an international scale. The climate summits are a good start and a great example of what this cooperation should look like and what it can achieve, but the clue is in the name: it's a summit. Not an independent organisation combating climate change internationally around the clock but a once a year meeting that has historically been both rushed and as such, relatively unproductive. Imagine the parliament only convening once a year. Nothing would ever get done in politics! Thus, I believe it's reasonable to create a new permanent structure for international cooperation with the goal to negotiate, monitor and share best practises etc. on climate change. It is quite frankly ridiculous that we created PESCO and saw the practicality of a coordinating force such as NATO for defence, but never though that a similar structure might be needed for combating climate change. We are not even currently at war and we realise the need for such institutions and structures, but when we're actively trying to combat climate change, no one thinks to emulate them.
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In my opinion, we should shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy sources drastically and right now. I would first suggest an increased investment in research in green technologies and in its implementation. There are already several of them waiting to be marketed on largue scale, such as solar glass, offshore wind power, and some devices such as hydrogen cars. Actually, scientists know that if everyone had electric cars it would be impossible to find enough power to supply them, so we really need alternatives or other energy sources. We could even create more gorvernment investigation teams. This is like war, red alert to our planet, so it would make all sense. Second, education about the subject also needs improvement since european citizens have no idea at all of what kind of action is expected of them, and academia needs to raise the number of implementation of green technologie experts, and also a few more climate change scientists. Maybe it would be a good idea too to encourage specialized formation actions for all kinds of scientists, engeneers, politicians, and so on... and to direct media for news that really encourage action and orient people, instead of the sensacionalist ones with titles like "13 reasons why we are ruining earth". We should also decrease the taxation of green products, that is fairly evident. Third point, legislation against pollutants must be stricter. There must be more severe taxes for the emission of pollutants, and not only for some people, but for everyone. Also, I really think certain levels of emissions should be forbidden with really high fines. But, most of all, I think we must also improve worldwide deals and to take this measures together with other nations. A way to make it easier would be to increase our power by investing on the energy sector, the green energy sector. If we could, through green energy, to become more energetically independent, it would help. We also must stop taking simbolic measures, and try to move other countries to do the same. We must most of all give the example and be no longer tolerant about this subject. Thank you ver much for your kind attention.

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Save the artic,yes But the problem IS the peak of petról, all countries are fighting for petról Rusia wants norwegian petról Sweden And Finland are in alert... No gasoducto petról pimp in Escandinavia.
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My two main points: Decoupling of raw material consumption from growth and pricing (CO2-) emissions. We know the reasond for the problems and we researched the solutions. Let's make politics for the implementation of the solutions!

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We need to start in the small, and we cant be so dependent on fossil fuels. We need to use renewable sources of energy. Water, wind and clean energy. Some countries has to take the lead, and show that it is possible to use clean sources of energy.
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I have an idea to help World Ecosystem to be more better than now. How will it be? As l checked l did not find more information about it. I want to suggest ECOPOLICE (Ekopolis) system to the Eco Ministries of World countries which will be managed only by women. It will help to bring a lot of women to the governmental jobs. World countries will get clean and green environment by the help of women. If it is interesting in details l can write by e-mail. Thanks for reading. Best regards Konul Serkernamazova film archivist of Azerbaijan cinema

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Yes, the EU should take the lead on climate change, and a few things need to be clear if we all want to meet that target. Education The EU should invest more money in education from primary school level to PhD level in every country. Education throughout every stage is what helps the change to happen. Encourage the highest respect for those members involved. The change will not happen without them; they are responsible for teaching future generations. Policy change+Marketing support There should be more strict policies, which request large-sized enterprises to apply new policies and provide time and support to the small and medium-sized business. Nothing will happen without a strong strategy, and we need the media for that. If Sustainability is not one of the most exciting words in today society, a word that we use daily as we talk about sport, food, and gossip, it will be challenging to take the lead on climate action. Funding Last point, everyone needs an incentive. Education (schools, universities, research projects) needs funding to progress faster; they need technology, companies need incentives to invest in education, research project or new ideas and, local authorities need incentives to undertake new projects and provide their citizen stability and help them adapt to a new society style. Small changes make a difference. Start TODAY. From an engineer’s perspective.

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As one of the most developed societies' and a large consumer of imported goods Europe has a certain responsibility in dedicating money and time to consider where we could decrease environmental impact most and how to do it! It will take too long for citizens themselves to change society. Think about meat and dairy production. We could do so much for cliamte change prevention if no more meat and diary would be produced, but isn't our economy build on the meat and diary industry? Will we ever resign from consuming meat and milk products? Most likely not! It goes on. Will a system work where we generally consume less? Firstly, the EU should create incentives for the development of innovation (be it a technology, business model,..) that allow for a system in which we are limited in our environmental impact but no major behaviour change of businesses, industry and the individual is required. A good start was made with the EU Circular Economy Package in 2015. A new reusing and recycling market, shift towards more service orientated business, this are all good ideas. However, especially environmental laws fail to be successfully implemented. Instead of capping emissions here and forbidding pesticides there as it happens a lot in the agriculture industry, there needs to be more education for affected people, in this example farmers, how to deal with these new regulations and how to use them for their benefits. If we think of the "less developed" countries within the EU, wouldn't knowledge and education be the key to mitigating climate change issues? Europe needs to first develop a true AWARENESS for how urgent a change in our system and behaviour is and how much we contribute on a daily bases - often unconsciously- to climate change. The EU, as a role model also for developing countries, needs to position itself in the climate change debate and if this position involves climate action, main stakeholders of EU countries need to recognize the urge to act and see a an economic chance in more resource efficient, more environmental friendly and future generation orientated market, technologies and policies and this is the minimum the EU should do!

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Europe CAN and it definitely should. The history of Europeans is political and social organisation. It is the duty of the EU leaders to safeguard the future generations. Concern about the planet is something all people share regardless of their nationality. The transport sector should be more supervised, private cars should be banned in polluted city centres. PROMOTE public transport, make it more affordable, sustainable and most importantly, the first choice for citizens. Education plays a key role in this manner, teach about recycling in our schools, about wildlife preservation, about sustainable economy and cultivate a green mentality in the future minds. European governments must come together, sit down and begin the implementation of a common project.
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Reduce industry pollution with taxes and plans for greener energies and fostering local economy. Reduce transport pollution by making public transportation public again and free as any other public service should be.

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