Corruption creates massive opportunities in public office for self-enrichment while locking millions of men, women and children into poverty.


- What should the European Union contribute to tackle corruption?

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I've been in the corruption index debate and all the propositions went around corruptive people, european union help, politicias. They are good but from my point of view they are not enought. My proposal is regards to hunt down the people who make corruption possible. Who are them? They are the people who propose to corruptive people a deal or a bussiness or even a little comission. All of them are corruption criminals too and not normal criminals and we have to treat them like that. To tackle corruption it is neccessary to punish harder the corruption sponsors. If we establish a harder legislation against this people they will think twice to come up with a corrupution deal.

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Stop spanish corruption PLEASE
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In order to tackle corruption, several measures are required, some of them are: Firstly, it is crucial to understand the different kinds of corruption to develop smart responses. In addition, creation of pathways that give citizens suitable tools to ply and participate in their governments and identify priorities, problems followed by the finding of solutions is relay effective, along with conjugating formal and informal processes (this means working with the government as well as non-governmental groups) to change behavior and bring in progress. Furthermore, use the power of technology to create dynamic and continuous exchanges between directly interested institutions: government, citizens, business, civil society groups, media, academia etc. Moreover, the Union could invest in institutions and policy. Sustainable improvement when it comes services provision, is only possible if people in these institutions authorize logical rules and practices that allow changes to happen, while making the best possible practice of tested traditions and inheritance. Imported models often do not work. The appropriate punishment should be the aftermath of corruption.

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One of the most problems that we find in a democratic country is corruption. I think that the European Union has to establish a law against corruption and advise their partners to fight against it. If corrupt people govern a country, it is necessary that they will have to resign. The European Union should condemn them and should penalize them.The European Union should practise a zero-tolerance towards corruption.
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My proposal in regards to tackling corrupt is as follows: If a leader is found to be corrupt they should be, first, given the opportunity to stand down from their position. They should be given a short amount of time to stand down. If the leader refuses to stand down then an impeachment process shall be put through. If the government in power are corrupt as well as the leader the European Union should step in to remove the leader from power and prosecute them for their crimes.
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