Transnational organised crime tries to creep into every country and every region all over Europe. The global spiral of violence threatens citizens and our European way of life.


- How to enhance European cooperation and law enforcement against transnational criminal networks, dealing with drugs and weapons, trafficking humans and toxic waste?

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We need a few things: 1) A cross-national criminal database.... 2) common laws on organised crime... 3) Forming a Common European police force aimed at organised and cross-national crime (i.e. EuroPol)... 4) Making Frontex into a better funded and more effective European border GUARD and management organisation wit more powers and manpower... 5) Formation of a European anti Terrorism organisation... 6) Understanding that while man criminals are “correctable”, there are many who aren’t. A thief can be helped i turn their life around, but a person with 20 years in an organised criminal gang probably cannot. And their punishment shouldn’t be the same. We need separate facilities, correctional to help the criminals and lock-away facilities to protect the public.

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