For friendship and social contacts there is no firm line between real and online worlds in the smartphone era.

Can social media and online apps overexpose teenagers to constant online feedback and idealised images at the expense of real-life friendships?

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It is no secret that social apps and websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are widely used all around the world. These websites can introduce you to new people from any country and background. This however, can become really addicting, really fast. Some teenagers refuse to socialise in the real world with their friends, since they can find digital replacements for them on the internet which can lead to situations that are not ideal. If someone doesn’t socialize for more than a day it can lead to lower self-esteem, depression or even a shorter life span. Also, users create fake personalities and identities that can cyberbully, harassing and inflicting intentional emotional pain to others Despite that, social media can reduce loneliness. Nowadays a lot of us use social media to find friends and relatives that we have seen in real life and can organise meetings or reunions or just chat online. Some people also use apps to search for soulmates or just some new buddies. Although there might be consequences due to how risky this is, some live-long relationships are formed from online interaction and dating apps.

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Social Media may be a great way to keep in contact wity anyone anywhere at any time but it comes to the expense of real life interaction. It's sad but it's the reality. Modern friendships are on many occasions built on Social Media interaction and it's an unfortunate thing but it's this generation's way of doing so. We need to get used to this but truely there's a need to do something in order to solve this issue or at least contain it and decrease it in order for people to not get used of just this way of interaction but also to be able to keep real life friendships and communication with friends which is crucial for any human to retain their mental health and social ability.
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Social media is something almost everybody have, and this have lead to many different situations. People care more about likes, followers and comments than things in life which is way more important. Many people get bullied trough sosial media, but the bullies do not dear to face the victom. Sosial media also shows us "the ideal body image", which is insane. The way people edit their photos to look perfect ruins life and might lead to eating dissorders. There is many positive sides of sosial media aswell, like getting new friends, sharing photos with your friends. we have the chance to talk to friends all the time and always be online. the answear to this question is yes.

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The answer to this question is absolutely yes. Social media does overexpose teenagers (everyone in fact) to a constant online feedback and idealised images. I believe that anyone under the age of 18 should not be allowed to be present on social media so that they are given enough time to adapt to real life, adjust their mindset realistically and have little distractions so early on at school. The later they are introduced to social media the better the chances are for them to develop a stronger mindset and friendships in real life rather than only online. They will also be given a chance to develop their interpersonal skills in reality. There also needs to be a ban on "fake news" completely and there needs to be something done about media outlets spreading false news online and spreading it around because this is miseducating our youth and creating unnecessary division which is creating hate as a result.
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There is no alternative to real psychological threatment, young people are vulnereable for psychological problems and too much stress from pressure. Doctor instagram will not cover that. * Society could focus more on doing cool things in real life, if there is no gamefield in the streets, the entertaiment will move to virtual world * icelanders have some achievments to making real world more appealing * The use of social media depends on the user human capital, if capital is high they will use it to seek people with similar interest. * new social media are not problem on their own * There maybe problem with culture when only people on very top are respected. * We can teach people to seek hapiness in their own action rather than likes.
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