For friendship and social contacts there is no firm line between real and online worlds in the smartphone era.

Can social media and online apps overexpose teenagers to constant online feedback and idealised images at the expense of real-life friendships?

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There is no alternative to real psychological threatment, young people are vulnereable for psychological problems and too much stress from pressure. Doctor instagram will not cover that. * Society could focus more on doing cool things in real life, if there is no gamefield in the streets, the entertaiment will move to virtual world * icelanders have some achievments to making real world more appealing * The use of social media depends on the user human capital, if capital is high they will use it to seek people with similar interest. * new social media are not problem on their own * There maybe problem with culture when only people on very top are respected. * We can teach people to seek hapiness in their own action rather than likes.
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