Hackers attack our open society to weaken key infrastructure, disrupt communications and spread disinformation. In a worst scenario it could trigger armed conflicts in the future.


- What does it take to make vulnerable infrastructures resilient and to protect private data of individuals and companies?

- Do we need new legislation and international agreements to ensure peace in the digital area?

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We need the EU to found a publicly-owned enterprise that will hire scientists, programmers, hackers and software designers and then develop a freeware anti-virus/anti-malware program and distribute it to all citizens of Euope for free!! This way, citizens that cant afford to pay for commercial software will be able to obtain cyber protection for free by getting the EU-funded protection software. It's like "cyber healthcare" welfare. If physical healthcare is a right and is provided for free by the EU, why shouldn't the right to cyber "healthcare"-protection be provided for free? In addition, we need more hawkish measures. We need to drastically increase our overall military spending. Along with it, we need to greatly increase funding for counter-terrorism, counterespionage and counterintelligence services and clandestine organisations, with emphasis on their "cyber features".

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