Hackers attack our open society to weaken key infrastructure, disrupt communications and spread disinformation. In a worst scenario it could trigger armed conflicts in the future.


- What does it take to make vulnerable infrastructures resilient and to protect private data of individuals and companies?

- Do we need new legislation and international agreements to ensure peace in the digital area?

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In order to make vulnerable infrastructures resilient, drastic measures are needed. Firstly, creation of a free anti-malware program would be very beneficial, as more people and especially poor people and also companies would have access to “digital protection”. The fact that it is free and thus approachable to more people and companies, would automatically lead to greater defense of private data. In addition, creation of a common network that would be checked for malware and undesirable use, such as hacking. This would make Europe more adapted to the digital dangers. If Europe wants to continue being well known for the safety provided, in a digital era cyber healthcare should be offered, not only physical. ii) For these systems to work and be maintained action needs to be taken. To begin with, laws are required and agreements, that impose serious penalties for those who violate human rights, such as hackers. Furthermore, there is need to drastically increase the total military spending. At the same time. Funding of anti- terrorism services, the fight against trafficking in human beings and anti-counter-narcotics and illegal organizations, with emphasis on cyber-related features significantly increased.
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1. Ensure that every individual and all companies have the latest computer protection software for free to keep out intruders. (or for companies at a low cost) 2. Ensure the protection company has no connections with hackers (e.g. Russian hackers etc.) and that the protection software is legitimate. 3. Give up to date advice to individuals and companies on how to stay safe and protect themselves from hackers. 4. Ensure that all important computers such as: NHS etc. are updated for free and equipped with the latest protection software. 5. Ensure that if someone falls victim to a hacker that it is thoroughly investigated by the European Court and the individual/group/organisation are prosecuted in order to show a complete intolerance of this kind of behaviour. 6. Russian interference should be investigated and individuals/organisations/parties who are found to be involved should be prosecuted and sentenced to prison time and disqualified and stripped of their public duties to show an intolerance and ensure the message is received that this will not be tolerated in Europe.

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We need the EU to found a publicly-owned enterprise that will hire scientists, programmers, hackers and software designers and then develop a freeware anti-virus/anti-malware program and distribute it to all citizens of Euope for free!! This way, citizens that cant afford to pay for commercial software will be able to obtain cyber protection for free by getting the EU-funded protection software. It's like "cyber healthcare" welfare. If physical healthcare is a right and is provided for free by the EU, why shouldn't the right to cyber "healthcare"-protection be provided for free? In addition, we need more hawkish measures. We need to drastically increase our overall military spending. Along with it, we need to greatly increase funding for counter-terrorism, counterespionage and counterintelligence services and clandestine organisations, with emphasis on their "cyber features".
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