The DNA revolution gives scientists the power of rewriting the genetic code in humans, animals and plants. Darwin only observed the course of evolution: we can change it now.


Should we use the power to hack and edit DNA?


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Us, humans are still discovering the human body today even though scientists are working hard in labs. However, it still has its mysteries. We may in the future be able to understand it better in order to predict the abnormality of our human kind and change it for the better. Our idea is that we could remove genetic abnormalities caused in our DNA, such as susceptibility of cancer, diabetes, down syndrome and Duchene type dystrophy. It would spare us from these illnesses and the heavy treatment we’d endure if we had them and of course as a result, would lead to the decrease of our mortality rate. Being in a scientific course, we have studied DNA and its specificities. We’ve observed how different it makes us in our everyday life, and that without its flaws, we’d all be alike. Therefore, it makes us unique while giving us the ability of living. However, as we’ve mentioned before, it can cause severe health problems which can lead to death. This is why we want to use our power to hack and edit our DNA in a positive perspective in the long term. If it came into action, we would spare a fair part of society the pain and suffering of their conditions. We would be able to give them a “normal” and serein life without the fear of its failure. As we’ve said, we would support hacking and editing our DNA but only in certain situations and with limits. Like anything else, it wouldn’t be fair to abuse of it and use it for a boost within the society. It would be used only for ill patients and not to satisfy the needs of self-centered individuals, for example to change one’s flaw or little insecurity. It won’t be the solution to sustain someone’s desires. In conclusion, the topic of rewriting genetic codes is complex and has to be thought through carefully in order to avoid the abuse of this method.
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Rewrite genetic codes is the way humanity has created to make people as they want, could you imagine knowing the appearance of your child before see him? We need to know the limits of science, what we can do but also think what is correct to do. Would be right and ethic, if we used the method to prevent diseases or avoid problems of health. If we don’t follow some ethic rules, everyone could choose whatever they want for his generation and would be the final of diversity.

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Understanding how DNA works has revolutionized medicine and biology, but to which point is progress still acceptable? Can we allow people to change human's DNA? Can we allow scientists to create a kind of "super human", someone whose genetic code was modified by scientists in order to be "perfect"? Editing or cracking human's DNA is a dangerous weapon. That's why I think that editing human's DNA is not an option but something that we have to forget for the good of humanity.

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Our DNA, Genetics and whether we should do research on it is a huge etcical dilemma, on one side we have the duty to alleviate suffering and on the other side we have the duty to respect the value of human life. If we use our power to hack and edit DNA we could alleviate suffering, since we could change the genetic codes and thereby prevent a disease from developing (essentially making the disease extinct). For scientists to be able to do research on diseases and its genetic code they often use embryonic stem cells. For scientists to be able to do research on an embryo, the blastula has to be destroyed, hereby destroying a potential human life. This goes aganst the duty to respect the value of human life, but it could alleviate suffering, so what is more important?

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This would be a amazing case for science and humanity I think.We are coming from primates and now look at us we can see how our body and our genes are working.We couldn't stop the instinct of discover ourselves and we shouldn't. There can be lots of benefits of this situation.Maybe some diseases(like cancer) can be destroyed at the very beginning. And I am sure that this hacking and editing the DNA will open new and wonderful horizons for science also.

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Understanding of structure and function of DNA helped in many ways. Specifically, many diseases concerning humans and animals were cured and there was development in the pharmaceutical and medical field. Therefore, we should use the power to hack and edit DNA in terms of secure a better future and quality of life . For instance, hereditary diseases can be decreased in number and vaccines can be invented, even currently incurable deceases may be cured. However, it should not be used in malevolent terms. For example, for creation of powerful weapons, or illnesses and mutants. To conclude, we should use the power but with prudence.

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Our knowledge about genes is not complete in my opinion. It's like playing with fire when you're a 4 years old, we're not ready for this and it's the better method to burn yourself. However the idea of rewriting the genetic code is attractive, let's be honest. Imagine if we can make chronic diseases disappear for example... the dream of humanity. Hack and edit DNA is a double edged sword, the reason ? ... when humankind has a new power in the hands... miracles, development, but unfortunately destruction begins. The power to hack and edit DNA can became dangerous. Rewriting the DNA may became the new weapon of humankind or even worse a not mastered mass destruction weapon. Examples are numerous in our history (aviation, drugs,...) Am I just pessimistic ? I'm not sure! Can humanity handle this power when even giving water to everyone is a big issue ? When even recycling is a major challenge ? This subject deserve a deep and realistic reflexion. We have to stop being irresponsible. PEACE .

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DNA is a vital part of who we are. It is also vital to solving crime etc. if we rewrite genetic codes and alter DNA it will take away who we really are and make it hard to solve crimes. Darwin is an unfounded theory which has no concrete proof to it. Darwin's evolution is a theory that to this day has failed to prove itself therefore we should not be following an unfounded theory. I do not believe we should be altering any DNA. DNA is who we are, we should not change who we truly are.
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First, let's forget Darwin. If his theory is right, we should just let Natural Selection work, why should we help the weak? is there any reason for that? you might say humanity and some ethics, but why do you believe in humanity? why change the code of life to 'interfere' with evolution and help the unadaptable that the Natural Selection wants to get rid of? that could just backfire. For the record I believe we should help, we should struggle to help the weak, to feed the hungry, we should do everything in our power and knowledge to protect and care for humanity and our planet. Let's just imagine this. We have approximately 3 BILLION base pairs in our DNA (Base Pair = A, T, C or G, so we have 3 billion letters in our code). Only about 1% of these letters code for a protein. Right now most of our knowledge is about that 1%, we study proteins a lot. We can just guess about the other 99%. That is unknown territory. DNA is far more complex than just those 4 letters, it's not binary coding. You simply cannot just copy paste when you want, what you want and where you want. The 'successful' experiments you see in media are something they obtained after numerous trials and errors. Besides these 4 letters there are inactivation or activation of certain DNA regions that affect the function, these for example happen when a simple methyl group (CH3) attaches to the DNA, changes the function without changing the sequence. Editing is not just copy paste. There is no such power right now, the power to rewrite the genetic code in humans. If it would exist, there would be no cancer. We still have a long way to go. I can't speak for animals and plants because I have not studied it in detail and it would be ignorant to just throw unjustified opinions. I can speak for humans and I truly hope there would be a strong institution regulating the experiments because it's scary to imagine how much harm it could be done but it's amazing to think how much we could improve some lives. I live you with this thought, there are pairs of identical twins, same DNA at the start, one of the develops schizophrenia the other doesn't, one develops cancer, the other doesn't. The code of life it's not everything, environment and probably other things we are yet to find out dictate the outcome.
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