Terrorist attacks are aimed at our free and tolerant way of life.


What is the best way to stop terrorists, counter violent attacks and hateful impulses?

How can European countries improve cooperation and take joint action?

What are the best preventive actions to break the fatal attraction of jihad and extremist ideology?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your ideas will be!


2 rules: - You go fighting with ISIS, no tolerance you can't come back. We have enough work with the people inside Europe that try to make terror a way of life. - We control who comes to Europe and whoever has their application for asylum refused must leave the country they have been refused in, but also the EU, since Schengen can let you go to another country member of the EU in such a case. If asylum is refused there is a real reason and we have to stay strong and do what we say. Strong policies are useless if not followed by actions. Moreover, in-state laws are clear but must be implemented. This lack of authority makes Europe a target, and we, the youth are able to see it so should everyone.

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We must look to the Italian counter-terrorism strategy and we must apply this in other EU countries. Also, we must keep thight watch on returning fightera, even better if we don’t let them back into Europe. EU has no place for ISIS foghters, even former ones. We must also implement a cross national refugee/migrant database. This should be mixed with emphasis on integration of our current migrant populations.

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Fight poverty and exclusion. To become terrorist one need to see no hope in systems life. *Fight violence in all forms, since suffering turns into more violence. *Expand democratic, if people could "change the world" in system way, they would not seek terrorist attemps. *Improve mental health care. *Have fun. Drunk people will not hit someone with firearm. Monitor what priests are saying, stop priests from hate speech. * Happy women->happy mothers -> happy kids. * Support Africa/Asia states which are sane. To fight jihadis for us. *

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