The European journey to an “ever-closer Union” of states and citizens

How should we turn the key to unlock added value and new opportunities for all?

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Name of the idea: European TV Channel and media platforms Short description? Launching a European TV channel, transmitting news and cultural content relevant to the countries within the European Union. Detailed description The focus would be on content relevant to the relations between countries instead of individual nations. In this way, a comprehensible media source would provide EU citizens with European news and cultural content. Moreover, the channel would provide comprehensible explanations and outlines on EU policies such as the GDPR, the newly implemented roaming laws etc. This would include the already implemented laws and policies to increase citizens’ understanding of EU laws, but more importantly, updates about new policy making and discussions within the EU policy makers. Spreading to other media The Channel would be supported by a website, with news and information, updated 24/7. Furthermore, updates and news report will be shared through social media such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, to increase Youth involvement. Why create a European TV channel? To create a cross-cultural and European awareness of matters concerning EU relations and EU collaboration. To increase the average citizen’s understanding of international events and their importance for societies, both nationally and crossing borders. To increase EU citizens’ understanding of EU policy making To increase participation in the European debate To enhance growth of the European cultural feeling – creating unity and strength across boarders, realising the importance of cultural diversity. Outline of specific content areas for the TV channel & website– to be further developed: 1. International News – to create global awareness 2. EU relation news – to create European Awareness 3. Relevant National news – to create awareness about important national news across EU countries
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EU should focus on overall fairness. It means many things in many contexts, so just a few examples: - merit and work should be rewarded more than ownership of capital and real estate. If free market is not able to fulfill this requirements, laws and regulations should help, such as regulation of real estate prices. - people living and working in attractive areas can no longer afford to buy or even rent a property, because of market pressure exercised by tourists and investors. A rule fixing the ratio between properties available for tourists and available for locals could be defined, with some ceiling price to be applied as per type and some attributes of the properties - goods produced and imported from countries where labor protection is extremely low makes it extremely difficult to be competitive for European companies which respect European standards. The same applies to pollution rules etc. A law could impose a tax on goods coming from countries which do not respect fundamental rules which european companies MUST respect - taxes on inherited goods should be progressive, taking into account incomes of persons who inherit the goods. Just imagine that an average local guy inherits a house in an area which had become praised by tourists and as a result, extremely expensive. Now, the tax that the guy has to pay is based on the market price of the house, and as he has not such huge amount of money, he can not pay, so he leaves the area and sells the a tourist (sorry - "investor"). At the end, this contributes to create gaps between the rich and the poor. - In some countries, like France, you can not rent a flat, if you don't have a guarantor. It is unfair to people, who don't have rich parents as guarantors. Such practice should be banned. Instead, state should be automatically considered as guarantor. In case the tenant refuses to pay the rent, state would pay the landlord and then get the money back from the tenant. In case the tenant is in difficult economic situation, the money could come from some approved welfare benefit. - single mothers need extended help - orphans need extended help - old people with low incomes need extended help - homeless people need extended help
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Let’s celebrate a united Europe massively on Europe Day as from 2020! We, the youth in Europe should organize mass events on “Europe Day” (9th May) in all 28 capitals, starting in 2020, to celebrate peace and freedom for 75 years, with the support of the EU and its 28 member countries. This will help to tackle Euroscepticism and (increased) nationalism, and it will also help to give us, the youth a bigger platform to speak out. And let’s make Europe Day a free public holiday! All EU member countries have their own “National Day”, like Bastille Day in France, but the EU is not celebrating their successes on Europe Day, including the 75 years of peaceful coexistence in the EU in 2020, by “Unity in Diversity”.

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From the creation of the European Union, an “ever- closer” Union of states and citizens is an ambition worth fighting for. To begin with, added value is a value addable to this created by actions of each Member State separately. It can be achieved in many ways. Firstly, if the European legalization is correctly executed and application of scale economy takes place, so that money will be used as critically as to offer to citizens better services. Furthermore, decisions can be comparatively assessed, thus commitment would be required and decisions would be based on evidence. When it comes to new opportunities, a more skilled workforce, able to contribute and adapt to technological change and new models of work is essential. This is difficult considering the need for rapidly changing skills and frequent, rising unsuitability of skills in the EU labor market. Investing in education and training systems, prevision of skills, abilities of matching and guidance are indeed crucial, in order to raise productivity, competitiveness, economic development and reduction of unemployment.
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An “ever-closer Union” of states and citizens, high risk high reward action, as it’s a difficult task but it’s not something unimaginable due to it’s a necessity a in the modern age in order to survive and keep up with the rest of the world. Many countries out of the EU (especially in the Asian continent) are currently far ahead in technological matters overpowering and forcing a strong monopolium in the technological innovations and products as it’s heavily noticed in everyone’s daily life, due to most telephone companies, electronic appliances, car brands, clothing and just about everything we use has something to do with Asia and their factories. The EU has to step up and start recovering some ground on these matters in order to maintain a strong place amongst the tech leaders so that they aren’t far behind and dependent on other countries. Innovation is the way to go and so ideas should be promoted and not buried under tons of conservative comments not allowing us to move on. We need to concentrate powers in order to achieve this, and everyone has to play a part in plan with this scale and expectation, to overcome the leaders and current “superpowers” in this industry. Others support the idea of a united banking system, that could theoretically work wonders, but it’s also a great threat due to the fact that, if one country’s economy goes down then the whole system goes down, taking as an example the recent Cypriot Economic crisis where the failure and wrong investments of the banks and the whole banking system in general along with false handling of the government drove the country to a a €10 billion bail-out where most of the people lost money, hard-earned money lost not due to their fault but due to wrong handlings, this case would become a minimal example in what a European Union bail-out would be.

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Europe should use Euro currency as a economic tool - one of many - not milestone itself. Should study hard Optimum curreency area theorem by Robert Mundell. Common currency requires labour mobility, and risk sharing mechanism. One banking system. Euro bonds. Union tax on corporate income, capital gains or Tobin tax, to fund euro budget. Need fiscal tools to help regions lost on integration or suffering from shocks. It is dicredit to use Euro currency as PR stunt, without thinking about common budget. Other than that: Use cooperative bussiness to combine workforce with minimal capital to company size able to compete. Create public services (housing, education, healthcarte, transport, some other services postal?) as frame for startups to rise. Be leader of technology growth and implementation. Tax more high capital owners, tax less low income workers. The second will consume their wage anyway. If unemployment still high produce basic good locally.

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