Current food production is not within the boundaries of the planet. Industrial agriculture as we know it is unsustainable, a dead end.


- Which is your preferred model for the farm of the future? Precise technology including computers or organic farming with higher standards for the well-being of farm animals?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


Unite technology and organic farms by supporting agriculture financially and helping the smallest farms and individuals who want to start personnal or communal farms. Re-appropriate any green space in the cities (universities, students' or administration garden...) to grow food by the people working in those spaces.

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A fusion of both. As technology is not location dependent. The underlying source of the problem is the unrestricted growth of the human population. With a ideologically controlled population size humanity could provide itself with all the food it finds delightful, in abundance.
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The question is not about precise technology OR organic farming, but how to combine it in a smart way to profit from their both advantages. A huge problem is the high consumption of meat by the European citizens, which pollutes our environment. In my opinion higher standards on the animal welfare, e.g. outdoor areas for all animals, could be one solution. Meat would be more expensive and consumption goes into decline. Another problem is the structure of our countryside. Enormous monocultures offer no habitats for wild nature. In my view a strict quota system for extensive agriculture is not the right answer from politicians. We should have more structure elements like hedge for a higher biodiversity. It also protects our ground from erosion. Altogether we need a different attitude on nature from farmers and a stronger cooperation with lokal conservationists. This guarantees a sustainable agriculture.

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Both. We need to think about human condition and quality of life, not only capital gain. More effective farming, means more area for wildlife. GMO food can mean less pesticides, and less dead bees. We need to eat meat less, or GMO larvas for proteins. Methane is as scary as CO2. We need waste less food, to feed the poor, and dont waste money. Farmers should network when it comes to technoogy or some investments. One single international ownership could be a threat (if they dont care about health).
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