Messages of love and hate, “likes” and hoax.


- Should we insist on the freedom of expression or roll out rules against fake news, insults and bots?

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No, the freedom of epression may not be banned, if the EU does this, it will lose its face in front of all pro euopean citizens! Besides of that it is against the human rights! The EU needs more effective rules against fake news and bots, because information like this is working against the ideas and the EU itself, most of all people who are disperated are following EU-sceptics because of their "Fake News" and the feeling submitted, that the EU is hiding information. Insults should not be controlled or banned, as long as people are not harmed.

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Hate speach: Law ban in virtual and real space. Fake news: legal but support fact check. Spam bots: delete the posts. Conspiracy theories: campaign to fight anti vacine movment, or other which are just fake Europe should be more rational, and stick to material world and reality. Not let ideology rule us. Allow scientific discussion as long as data s here. If austerity is not the answear just drop it.

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