The European Union - long-term champion of peace and prosperity - has been out of form and punching below its weight for some years.


Can we make Europe stronger, ready for a comeback, up to the challenges of our time?

What should the young generation place at the top of the agenda and push forward?

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Let's be clear young people should be politicians now, we are not the future, we are ready now and we should be fighting for more representation of young people. We need a common age of candidacy for european elections whilst in most countries you can stand when 18 some place oyu have to be 21 some even 24 which is ridiculous.

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Our generation, the one that is enjoying its young twenties and that, in 2019, is going to be called to vote for the first time its (sole pan-)European Parliament, is the first generation that has grown up in a world that we also know by the name "EU". Our lives have been are marked by the common union, by all of its benefits and the challenges it seems to have entailed. Although Europe's youth does hardly know any reality that is different from today, from EU and no-borders between formerly enclosed countries, there is a considerable number of young Europeans in favour of parties and movements that claim the turning back of European Integration, e.g. the electorship of the Front National in France. I'm afraid that, far too often, we take for granted (this includes the young, but also the elder European generations) what had to be achieved through a long and arduous process of approach. I refuse to give up what has its undeniable faults, I'm far from idealizing the European Union which, lacking of a social security union for all European citizens, struggles to promote equality for all Europeans regardless of their nationality, but I cannot either deny the benefits it has generated to all of us: peace, understanding of each other (which goes beyond usual political deplomacy), wealth and the opportunities to discover this continent and its cultures. In order to improve our lives, we will need equal share of what is being produced in a value creation chain linking whole Europe (economically we seem to live together, whereas socially still apart), common ideas and initiatives for the challenges that we are facing as a continent (immigration, security (?), economic stability, educational equality conditioning opportunity equality; it is not meant to impose the same education on everyone, but you should not need to depend on your social origin, e.g. on your parents being able to support your learning; deprived childrens may need further promotion and personal support in order to ease their education), but the autonomy in deciding on issues regarding certain regions which nowadays might be still decided on a national level. I'm referring to Ulrike Guérot's (political scientist at the University of Krems) notion of the EUROPEAN REPUBLIC, which consists in a new common pan-European home for the cultures built from below. Equal citizens with different cultural heritage sharing one system to sustain and enrich each other. It might seem utopian, she is justly calling it utopia, but utopian refers to future, not to the impossible. As the European Republic will be based on the conviction that, it is the most advantageous to its citizens, we, thus our generation in particular, needs to dare to dream! It is possible if it's wanted, why shouldn't we wanted? Because of diffuse fears of cultural loss or archaic national egoisms? The European Republic aims at care for the individual cultures enriching the European continent enabling regional autodetermination. The nation-states can't serve better than the European Union could; and who claims for national identities should be aware that those are created amalgams that once lead to hostility and war. Our generation should assume the task to stand up for the community we know and grew up in, envisage its potential and share the idea of the European Republic so that it gains further citizens' convinced approval. Get to know the European Republic!

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Without solidarity within the young generation, there won’t be much being achieved in Europe’s joint future. What we need is a solid basis; one common aim that covers the ideas and ideals of young Europeans like a dome covers the precious content of a snow globe. Once the young Europeans unquestionably feel “united in diversity”-that the original image of a United States of Europe is the ultimate way of defining one another- we can move forward in a much more efficient way because of identification. After that, urgent matters such as a joint handling of the refugee emergency, reprogramming of the monetary union and common labour market, equalisation of ALL identification groups, climate protection and the construction of a sustainable energy collective throughout the EU and further beyond, can be tackled effectively. If we start to think as a collectivist young peoples society, issues like self-distrust and self-hatred inside the Union will vanish and the continent will again act out of mutual self-assurance.

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Our new generation must push this world forward with more intellectual goals and focusing on education these are more important as role as we are young, modernizing this season with full ideas and motivation for promoting youth.

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Youth European 2018 should be consulting youth and educating on possibilities and working to create a political change life for the youth, achieve best results possible. Create a new way for the International Youth to imagine a better future for Europe and the rest of world together. So, open one mobile school leaders for all Europe to collaborate with all of governments in Europe. The news ideas will come by a new voice, if the workshops and round tables devoted to a deep reflection focused on Europe between young leaders, students, managers and active entrepreneurs, or foreigners spatial planning. These discussions will be guided by experts and opinion leaders from Europe and elsewhere to arrive at the formulation of twenty (20) concrete projects identified by the participants. These young people will volunteer for one year to carry out the identified projects. John Makenley Pierre

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Young people should place at the top of the agenda the importance of having a sustainable life. Not only by helping others, but by changing their way of living. Every day we consume all type of products and services and many of them are not being produced in a sustainable way. By this I mean that human rights are being violated in the production process. Our challenge is to stop consuming those product and start consuming sustainable products!

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