The European Union - long-term champion of peace and prosperity - has been out of form and punching below its weight for some years.


Can we make Europe stronger, ready for a comeback, up to the challenges of our time?

What should the young generation place at the top of the agenda and push forward?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


Youth European 2018 should be consulting youth and educating on possibilities and working to create a political change life for the youth, achieve best results possible. Create a new way for the International Youth to imagine a better future for Europe and the rest of world together. So, open one mobile school leaders for all Europe to collaborate with all of governments in Europe. The news ideas will come by a new voice, if the workshops and round tables devoted to a deep reflection focused on Europe between young leaders, students, managers and active entrepreneurs, or foreigners spatial planning. These discussions will be guided by experts and opinion leaders from Europe and elsewhere to arrive at the formulation of twenty (20) concrete projects identified by the participants. These young people will volunteer for one year to carry out the identified projects. John Makenley Pierre
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Young people should place at the top of the agenda the importance of having a sustainable life. Not only by helping others, but by changing their way of living. Every day we consume all type of products and services and many of them are not being produced in a sustainable way. By this I mean that human rights are being violated in the production process. Our challenge is to stop consuming those product and start consuming sustainable products!
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