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What can the EU contribute to shrink the “happiness gap” between its Member states?

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More Dancing And people interaction knowledges between intergenerational people. So...less depresión or suicide.
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Generally, happiness is a matter of perspective but in regards to living standards political the main thing is that the poorer population feel they have not got the same opportunities as those who have money due to the fact of expense so there needs to be more training that the poorer population can afford. People also need to be encouraged that they can achieve their dreams regardless of their social class or how much they have in their pockets.

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In my opinion the minimun index of happiness is: -to have an house where to live -to receive affectivity (from family or from other people) -to be health -to have money to satisfy needs -to be satisfied of our own life We have to concentrate our attention on these points. The solutions I propose are: -creations of popular houses in the Member states paid by the EU to give to families or group of people with serious economic difficulties. -Erasmus plus project for people of all ages with programs finalized to the only meeting of people of different ages and to the sharing of experiences. In this way people who normally don't receive affect can create new friends and share emotions with them. It will be possible to partecipate also for the people that don't speak english thanks to the linguistic and cultural madiation of qualified teamers -financings from EU for the cure of people affected by serious diseases with the priority of younger and less well-to-do people and of people affected by a more severe desease. Moreover there should be financings for specialized and personalized researches in case of rare an not known diseases . Moreover researches for uncurable diseases (e.g. cancer and leukemia) should be financied. -EU should give a minimum of money to unemployed people (that are citizens ot the EU) in order to guarantee them a worthy life. obviously this minimum amount of money should be given according to some factors as for exaple if an unemployed person has got a family and how many the member of the family are and how old they are. -creations of professional teams that help and support young people to create start-up and to create their life project

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ALLOWING YOUNG PEOPLE TO HAVE ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE REGARDLESS OF FINANCIAL MEANS OR STATUS All health related speculations and speculations in the medical world should be forbidden in order to remove any form of commodification of health care which prevents us from being treated.

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Happiness comes from within. It does not depend on external factors, those are just excuses, a nice car and a pretty dress would not suffice for you to be happy in the long-term. It is by learning how to deal with our emotions, with the people around us, our surroundings, the opportunities and challenges that we will encounter in life that we will be deeply happy. Thus, teaching to children how to deal with their emotions is paramount. Encouraging mindfulness in schools, workplaces and society in general will foster not only happiness but also compassion, understanding and solidarity. This is the true key of a happy society.

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The major reasons why the 'happiness gap' exists are the economic crisis, the terrorist attacks and the poverty. To stop this 'happiness gap' we can promote europian events and festivals that arants would fond. Moreover, I believe that we can send europian representatives to help them overcome their problems.

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Between member states of Europe there is a “happiness gap”. The major reason of the gap is that some countries have stronger economies than others. To shrink this gap Europe should first make youth employment conditions and fight against unemployment. Also, it should make the citizens feel safe by improving the security. Last but not least, Europe must find strive for EQUITY so that all youth have the same opportunities for studying and living well.
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Nowadays more and more people in specific European countries lack happiness and therefore a "happiness gap", between these countries and the remaining ones, exists . Poverty, unaffordable governance measures, discrimination ,the economic crisis are the main reasons which lead countries to unhappiness and depression. In my opinion, Europe should support these countries financially and send European representatives in order to help them overcome their problems as soon as possible. As it concerns the reduction of the discrimination, EU can take some measures and have an authorised person responsible for checking the extent to which these measures are being implemented. Another possible solution that will definitely have positive effect on the wellbeing of a country is the promotion of different European events and festivals. By making this happen, not only a friendly atmosphere among all European countries will be developed but also a feeling of support and collaboration.

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I think that one major factor that impacts people's happiness and that can be influenced by law makers is the job conditions. I believe that in countries with stronger economies they are more likely to have better quality of life because their country is able to provide them with good jobs and good conditions and rights in those jobs. To shrink the "happiness gap" between EU countries I think that it would help if the EU would create legislation that obliges countries to improve their laboral law, to meet the standards that some EU countries already have in that subject (like Sweden and Denmark for example). As improvements to laboral Law I would suggest obligatory improvements in youth employment conditions (reducing the discrimination and slavery of young people), overall improvements in work conditions like work hours, security in the work place, respect for the tasks and responsibilities agreed upon in the job contract, creating simplified instances for the workers to defend their rights (while also making those instances and procedures known to the workers in an accessible way). I also think that it would help if the EU would create obligations for the member states to create good opportunities for young people, like for example making it mandatory for the member states to have a percentage of the job vacancies being destined at young people, to hopefully lower the drastic dissapearence of entry level that has been happening. I think that this is extremely important because in some countries people have much better lives due to all the opportunities that their countries provided for them ever since they became young adults, while in other countries people struggle until very late to progress and start their lives.

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1. Health 2. Lair 3. Interaction with peers 4. Safety also in future 5. Doing something important being respected 6. Vision of grow. Sometimes happiness is relative to what is around. So it is most important to help exclusion, or fighting wealth gap and inequality. It is also important for wealth to not leak out of union.

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