Turbulent times ahead: citizens need shelter from the storm. America on one side and Russia on the other side are following their own agenda and interests.


- Should Europe play a stronger role in the world and speak with one voice on peace and security?

- What should be our purpose: act as a selfish giant - or reaching out people in need?

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Europe should speak with one voice, but Europe should avoid a “Pax Europa” situation where Europe imposes peace through force of arms, this sort of world policing doesn’t work in reality and often leads ti more trouble. Europe’s main international form of pressure and conduct needs to be soft power

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I do not believe one voice can achieve peace because one voice alone is resemblance to just shouting at a brick wall. I believe everyone should unite and voice their will and want for peace. The more voice who fight for peace the more likely it is for it to be achieved. It is my belief that in life the resilience few should help the less resilent many and build them up so they too can be resilient as well then go out and help another to be resilient. That is my belief and in order to do that we certainly need to reach out to those in need and help them on their feet. There also needs to be an intervention in regards to human traffick. There needs to be a removal of all corrupt leaders (who also condone human trafficking in countries like Africa etc.). It is inhumane to just sit back and watch others suffer. We have a duty as fellow human beings to help our fellow man.

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I may sound hawkish, but the I think the solution is one: More foreign interventionism. Europe needs to increase its military spending and greatly expand its military capabilities and be ready to act in different ways to achieve global justice, security and peace. Terrorism and rogue regimes usually appear in weakened, poverty-stricken countries. Therefore, a form of "proletarian" internationalism, where 1) Europe sends humanitarian aid to poor people in devasted countries in order to improve their lives and help these people to develop and escape their misery, is absolutely necessery and 2) Europe has the responsibility to help spread democracy and humanistic liberal principals across the globe, so it is necessery for Europe to intervent on a state's political system, rid it of corruption and try to remove authoritarian leaders, by non-violently supporting and funding democratic parties/factions/organisations in that country. However, when non-violent intervention doesnt succeed in spreading democracy and peace, and, given that the threat of aggression from rogue states and non-state actors will always be present, Europe has to be ready to enter preemptive wars, in order to help depose authoritarian regimes, establish democracy, liberate subjugated people and rid this world from oppression. Preventive wars can also be an option, to help disarm states that in the past had been a threat to global peace, are hostile towards Europe and the principals that it stands for, and it in the furute can potentially become a threat again.
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Europe should try to speak as one in external geopolitical matters. This voice should be result of needs of all countries. It should not be alone, should seek allies outside Union, one who are sane and fallow human rights. Power of voice depends on power of lungs, so EU should try to expand producation inside andunite new members if avaiable. United Army is good way to not waste public funds on duplicate, but we dont need to outspend USA. Conventional armforce is not everything. Cyberthreat is one thing. The other is losing integrity. There is a risk of growing inequality, or periferal regions of UE losing on integration. There is challenge in boosting economy of peryferals UE to keep unity. People will not fight for corporate overlords, but for humanity and future maybe. EU should also think of solving global crisis without arms. Ecological catasphrophe, poverty and lack of perspective could push Africa or Asia into dictatorship and war. Europe should be smart giant, which often involves creating allies. For Europe goal is not to conquest enemy but turn it into human rights democracy. Dicators die, nations remain.

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