High time to debate drug laws in Europe.


- Should cannabis remain illegal or be tolerated as part of the European way of life?

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I think we must make legal marijuana. there would be a lot more benefit to the country in terms of the economy, dropping out of school, and crime. if marijuana becomes legal, there would be much less crime, and young people who stop school. at the economic level France could collect billions of euros which would thus help to modernize hospitals, recruit people, more teachers and the construction of new structures. but marijuana must be well controlled, we could put a marijuana tax for consumption (not for health). marijuana traders should have a license approved by the government. We should set a legal threshold to prevent over-consumption. A person should be of age to consume, and have an identity card to prove his majority. a buffer card could be a good idea, meaning that every time a consumer wants to buy marijuana, I swipe his card to track his consumption. or do it with an electronic card.

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On one hand if Cannabis was legal, people would consume more quantity but the money would go to the government and we supose it would be better for us since the government would use it to improve our country and to have a better life. On the other hand if Cannabis would remind illegal, the money would go to trafficants.
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We are pro-legalization of marijuana for many different reasons. The first one is an economical reason: if you consider that only in France each year, around 2.5 billion euros worth of marijuana is sold, you can imagine how much money the French government could make if it makes dealer a real job. Also, they could create taxes on marijuana, which would enable them to get a part out of these 2.5 billion euros, that could be reinvested in the hospitals or simply be used to increase French people’s salaries. This is just an example but it works for all countries around the world. The second reason is that if you think about it, some people only smoke cannabis because it is illegal and so they would probably stop smoking if it is legalized. Another reason is that it is not as addictive as people imagine it is. It is different than heroin and other drugs to the extent that they directly release dopamine into the brain, whereas marijuana is addictive just like video games or sports could be, the addiction is more or less intense based on the behaviour that people adopt towards it. Cannabis can also help people who have a very difficult life to surpass their problems and feel happier instead of becoming depressed. Another advantage of this plant is that it has incredible medical virtues, such as reducing the pain of patients who have cancer or even asthma ; and in fact, even if it is illegal, the policemen patrolling out at night in the city who look out for smoking teenagers or young adults allow them to keep what they have if the quantity owned is small, so actually, legalization would change a lot, and eliminate the waste of time of the policemen out at night. Our last argument is that more than one million people smoke marijuana in France even if it is illegal and are pro-legalization, so make it legal !

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QuestionI: - Should cannabis remain illegal or be tolerated as part of the European way of life? In every country of Europe alcohol is already legal but we know for a fact that it is more dangerous than marijuana. The most dangerous thing that happens when you smoke marijuana, is that you ,might fall asleep or just laughing uncontrollably. Whereas alcohol is killing people. Also by legalizing marijuana, every country could make a huge profit out of it and at the same time use it for medical purposes and therefore help some people with for example chronic pain or insomnia. It is true that there is some downsides with for example a risk of causing depression or dementia. But is any medication safe besides placebo? We personally do not think so and it could just create so much money that I just think it would be worth it to legalize it. Furthermore it is already used by a lot of people in Europe thus it does not need to create its market. We can just use the existing one. If it becomes legal people won't be tempted to try other illegal drugs as they will already be doing a legal one. We think that it is already mostly part of the European way of life, because as we already said, it is used by a lot of people. It could also easily be introduced in the European way of life to maybe be used instead of a lot of antidepressants that people are using. For example France is one of the biggest consumer of antidepressants and those medication are very addictive which is a problem in its own. Maybe by using marijuana instead it could help those people not having depression anymore and also stopping to take their pills for depression.

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Marijuana should be made legal. It is not a dangerous drug, and has many medical benefits. Alcohol, a much more dangerous substance, remains legal whilst marijuana remains illegal. Marijuana is very easy to access in our modern day society, so those who seek to use it can still easily get their hands on it.By making marijuana legal it can be monitored, users can seek help without fearing legal reprocutions and the government can regulate it.
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Cannabis is one of the most known drugs to date. It is also illegal in most countries around the world. Aside from being a drug which a lot of people use as a scapegoat from their everyday lifes, it is also a drug which have been proven to be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. In addition, it has also been proved to be an effective medicine for certain diseases/disorders such as depression, pain relief, cancer and aids. There is a common misconception that substances like cannabis are incredibly addictive. This is simply wrong, there has been several reports that have documented addictive behavior as the main factor in drug addiction relating to cannabis and other illegal substances (e.g psychedelic substances). What this means is that addictive behavior is the driving factor for the addiction and not the substance itself. In contrast, opiods (such as heroin, morphine, fentanyl etc.) releases massive amounts of dopamine which creates an euphoric experience. Over long time use, this will stop the brain's natural production of dopamine since it gets massive amounts from the substance. Therefore, individuals who stop using these substances will get withdrawal symptoms and possibly develop illnesses such as depression due to the lack of dopamine. This is also why these specific substances are banned and deemed as dangerous since they have high dependancy rates and horrible side-effects. This is not the case with cannabis, it does not create this effect and therefore it is not as addictive. People who have addictive personalites can be addicted to almost anything. Therefore, I believe that it should be legal.
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The title relates to Marijuana yet the question of debates relates to cannabis in general. Not all cannabis acts like Marijuana. The media and educational programs (Schools) have failed in teaching about the differences between the cannabis sorts and their effects. Therefore, one could make some legal but not all of them.

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As for most of the issues, there are both pros and cons in making cannabis legal. On the one hand, prohibition of cannabis is undoubtedly a huge government intrusion into individual and total freedom of choice. Furthermore, it is not like cannabis is more harmful than alcohol or tobacco for our health and they are both used legally, not to mention that cannabis is proven to have medical benefits for cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and other diseases. Crime and violence are greatly increased due to illegal selling and buying of cannabis, thus legalization would eliminate such behavior. Statistics show that many arrests are related to cannabis, while drug bursts offences often carry harsh penalties, that can cause severe social harm with lifelong consequences. Last but not least, cannabis is one of the top- selling agricultural products, so if it was legalized billions would de saved annually. On the other hand, many people believe that cannabis is immoral and that their moral standards should be adopted by all the Europeans. In addition, long term or abusive use of cannabis can be harmful to a person’s health and passive smoking of cannabis can turn out to be harmful to others. Moreover, cannabis can lead to addiction, that can have as a result use of more harmful drugs such as heroine and cocaine. Additionally, according to opponents of legalization, individuals involved in illegal buying or selling are highly likely to be involved in other criminal activities. Finally, law enforcement agencies don’t want to be interpreted that they support drug use.
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Marijuana should be treeted as like any other drug - a lot young people are just curious about behaving effect after using it. There is plenty of addictive substances not illegal, because their side effects is just temporary and after some time, there shouldn' t be any bad health results. Narcotics are different - it is harder to create it and controling someone after taking them is really hard - that's why marijuana should be completly banned

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The consumption of Marijuana is a fact, especially in our age. Who would profit from a legalization? First the consumers, because they have Marijuana in a better quality. Due to the fact, that Marijuana is illegal, there is no quality control. Secondly, the state because he can impose taxes and the police and judges would have less work. Thirdly, the economy because they can earn money with new products. Who profits from illegality? Criminals. Of course, Marijuana is not healthy, but alcohol and cigarettes are not healthy too. The use of medicaments including Marijuana shows also the comparatively low level of harmfulness. Keeping Marijuana illegal is bad for all persons involved.

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