High time to debate drug laws in Europe.


- Should cannabis remain illegal or be tolerated as part of the European way of life?

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I think we can make marijuana legal, it's not more dangerous that alcohol or cigarette and cannabis-related traffic could be less important by favoring marijuana distributed by the state while being beneficial economically. We can also add the medical benefits of smoking cannabis that helps calm and relieve the patient's pain. I would like to point out that I do not use marijuana but I do know people who consume it and so I could build an objective point of view.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this drug-situation should be embraced and used in a productive way. So many people talk about marijuana being legally allowed. Do something about it. Use this people’s strong wish in order to get what you want from them. For example, “yes, you can buy and consume marijuana as long as you want, but..”. And there it goes, this “but” will allow you to manipulate the people that choose to smoke it. “You are allowed to buy and consume marijuana, but you must pay some fees and taxes, you must visit the doctor twice a month specifically for this matter” and so on. Impose your conditions, make sure the people will accept this idea, by fulfilling their wishes. Taking in consideration that marijuana is not as harmful as the abuse of alcohol, I think that by making it legal is not a bad idea at all. Another fact I want to highlight is that, by allowing the consume of cannabis you will know entirely the amount bought, and there will not be necessary to hide and buy it from the black market. These kind of actions will be discouraged. In conclusion, I spoke up and told you my point of view. I hope you have the time to read my opinion!

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Marijuana is a drug which is frequently abused and has devastating effects due to the psychological effect it has on people. If this is made legal then it would create less devastating effect due to the fact that it would be regulated by medical professionals and there should be a rule implied where it should not be sold or taken by anyone under the age of 25. The reason for this is because when you are under the age of 25 your brain is not fully developed therefore the psychological effects of Marijuana will affect you in a negative way if used under this age and cause permanent psychological damage. It should also be regulated so that individuals do not become addicted to the drug.
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I believe that we should make marijuana legal to obtain. By doing this we will eliminate a large percentage of the black market and we will be able to save the money that would have been going into criminal hands. Also marijuana can benefit you in several ways. For example, it can be used as medicine o cure depression or anxiety and according to a study done by the American Medical Association marijuana does not damage the lungs unlike tobacco. In addition to my previous points studies have concluded that no one in history died purely from the overdose of marijuana (not counting the from dangerous activities while they were under the effect of marijuana). To summarize, we should make the use of marijuana legal because its benefits although the necessary precautions need to be taken.

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It is ALREADY in the european way of life, everybody has heard of it, seen it, or tried it. And nobody died. Except people involved in traffic. So yes, we should definitely tolerate it, and offer medical support to the users, like with any other drug.

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It is ALREADY in the european way of life, everybody has heard of it, seen it, or tried it. And nobody died. Except people involved in traffic. So yes, we should definitely tolerate it, and offer medical support to the users, like with any other drug.
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The question here is: Should we legalise a sustance which is less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol, and which can be used as an analgesic, anti-emetic, could be used for anorexia treatment and has been shown to have a slowing effect on specific brain tumours... let’s be clear, I’m not a pothead, I’ve personally never smoked marijuana, so this decision will no affect me very much personally, but according to the studies which exist I don’t see cannabis as a public health risk. Cannabis is used to fund criminal organisations and it is a huge lost, taxable commodity. Making it illegal makes it actually more lilely that developing youths get their hands on it and if we look at studies it is the youths (under 20) who are most vulnerable to the negative effects of cannabis (affects brain development). The best thing we could do is legalise cannabis, tax it, put it in stores with an age restriction of 18-21, and make sure the police confiscate cannabis from younger people. Education is also key!!! Also we need to study cannabis more, for armful effects and for medicinal effects

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Should be legalize on state/country level. EP/EC shouldnt intervete too much into such specific laws. Better left countries with some field to make decision, especially if the topic isnt essencial. There shouldnt be EC/EP level legal barriers for cannabis, and from EC/EP point view trade and commercial production should be allowed. There is special case of medical drugs connected with cannabis. Generally if something has health and medical benefit it should be legal from ECEP. Recreational marihujana should generally be legal, since not worse than alcohol or tabaco. It is easier to emergency rescue or therappy well know drugs, than new one like meth. Marihujana isnt even that bad. More risk from smoking anything (brain deoxydention) or if marihujana package drops on your foot.

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It hardly seems to have a negative impact on Dutch society does it? With the USA legalising it one state at a time, it surely is now only a matter of time it is legalised here in Europe.
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Cannabis is one of the most known illegal drugs in the world and it is one of the most important source of money for criminal organizations. It was convicted to be illegal by the development of sintetic fibers industries, it isn't more harmful than alcool or smoke, and it can be a new source of money and work places. In this historical moment we have the power to control by telematic way who and how use it (for examples by the use of health card to buy it) so it can be useful to help and prevent. It's really a foolishness that we don't use it to develop new way to work, to use it in health sciences and in other way. History teach us that Prohibition isn't the right way. Make it legal.

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