New kids on the block, just trying to find a new home in Europe: in our cities, towns and villages many people of different national and religious backgrounds live side-by-side.


What is the best way to integrate young migrants into our communities - schools, sport clubs and workplaces?

What are successful practises of integration - how to play a new game of “give-and-take”?

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First of all, we need to change the european people's perspectives about this issue. Many europeans think that the migrants are stealing our jobs and that some of them are terrorists. That's entirely not true, but events like the Brexit shows us the power of xenophobic rhetoric made by political parties. We must oblige the national governments to adopt awareness campaigns on this matter in order to stop this kind of propaganda. If we can solve this problem, everything becomes easier and we can implement measures like: creating the iniciative "One new citizen, one new friend" in which European families receive new citizens in their homes during a period of adaptation (for example, the first 6 months) for the refugees in their new country or creating the European Refugee Day where european schools dedicate only one day of the year to discuss and learn about this matter.

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We have to give them new opportunities, new chances. They should have and easy-way to live in Europe and learn a language, because that's a great issue for an immigrant. Work can be a good way to let new citizen live in european countries: they can have jobs like agriculture without receiving money but only a place to live and food for a period, a year for example. They can replace a european person, so that he/she can get the money which is not paid to the non-EU citizen, to be able to carry out his/her dreams like music, art, philosophy,... In this way, immigrants will learn an european language, culture, and so on; another person would be happy to do what he/she really likes, and our economies will be stronger in the global context.

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In my opinion if the new citizens had some tutor/angel/buddy, that could be a person or a entire family, to guide, welcome and help them it would be the an excellent integration mechanism. Just imagine if the new citizens find any obstacle or problem they would have a more friendly face than the social services of that country, they would also understand more easly the traditions and costums of the culture they are in. To help this mechanism there could be some finantial or taxing relief, but honestly, at least me I wouldn't mind helping people, it's what charaterize us as european people.
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We need more immigrant welfare. Due to our competitive job markets, new citizens usually are not able to find a job and struggle economicly. With increaded welfare aimed specificly to immigrants, we can make sure that they will not be marginalized due to poverty caused by unemployment.

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The more population Europe have the more power to us. Easier to achieve technological edge, military safety, also we get closer to economical self sustain. For old population benefit we should accept new people who want to become European, so they can work and grow in Europe. The challenge is to make Europe for many not few, and to keep democracy ruled by citizens, not some foreign powers.

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