Europeans at a crossroads to the future of the open society, sitting on a philosopher’s stone.


- Draw up the bridge - or welcome migrants as new citizens?

- Defend our own social and green standards - or promote liberal world trade?

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I’m advocating the save-and-return and the save-and-offshore-screen policies. Refugees fleeing war or persecution by violence can be given asylum. Economic migrants are returned and told to apply through legal routes. Those granted asylum are then further processed: 0. Create a common database across EU for asylum seekers 1. Take their fingerprints 2. Name, occupation, education, former home, country of origin, close family. 3. DNA sample collection 4. Passport picture 5. Social security number if one exists 6. Issued a “refugee passport” with a refugee ID number 7. All the information is shared with EU state police, immigration offices, border guards etc. 8. After screening we choose where they go, they will be decentralised to avoid creating slums. We should avoid sending all of them o the same places. 9. Education in language, culture, feminism, laws, and the consequences of breaking the laws. We must understand that while it is important for us to be tolerant of their customs, it is also important that they adapt to us, nost just us to them. They have come to our countries and we are giving them shelter and safety, so it is not unfair nor unjust from us to expect them to learn our way of life and to adapt to it. Also, even if they choose to leave or are forced to leave at some point, it would be nice if the youths would have learned about feminist values and democratic ideals etc. 10. Zero tolerance to serious crime (rape, murder, burglary etc.), three strikes system for minor crime. Failure to comply with laws will lead to expulsion from Europe. 11. Regular education should be provided for those who require it 12. If once expulsed and they try to come back, each refugee screened will be tested against the database, if they are Found to have been expulsed before then they are returned like the economic migrants. 13. Also take into use across EU the Italian model for pre-emptive interference with possible terrorism. 14. Give them help, but avoid the “benefit trap” where we pay for their living to such an extent that they avoid work. We don’t do tha with our own citizens and such behaviour will create unnecessary animosity. 15. Prioritise getting adult refugees into working life as quickly as possible. If we consider regular immigration, I don’t think we need any changes to existing laws there. To conclude: I believe that we have a moral and ethical obligation to save the people from death at the sea, but we have no obligation to accommodate economic migrants. We do have a moral obligation to accommodate people fleeing war, but we must not give them special treatment beyond that which we give our own citizens. We must properly screen and share data across EU borders. We must priorities safety and avoid creation of slums and a population of “outcasts”.
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We should be more of ordoliberal or even modern keynsian (Sitglitz or Varufakis not Keynes himself, that guy is old. Neoliberal gives citizens little control over policy, and multinational corporations could have only short term goals, or could be ruled by personal agenda of CEO. In some ways family run or community owned or even national monopoly at least have some long term planning in agenda. Decision should be made with 5/10/25... year perspective. And modern science and data based. Avoid economic ideology. We should care about each member of community, and have in mind growth as whole and as individual. Ignoring "green" will kick us back, it is not like we have much of a choice here. Social standards are not for charity, but to have healthier workers, or smarter kids, or more fearless start ups, community more involved in policy making, being less vulnerable to radicals. Europe alone is big and has variety of products. However we should cooperate with countries which are likeminded or who has no bad intencion against us. China or Russia are heavy driven by leader personality which could offensive against Europe, to give them internat strenght. Just watch out. Europe could also cooperate with Mideterenian or Black Sea, Middle East and Africa countries in various ways, even more if they fallow human rights in their way. Europe should accept new citizens generously. It is not people fault they they ware born in some dictator run state. But Europe need to be clear that if you want to settle in here, you need to become european. Also while there is no war in EU, it is not like everything is easy. Some people (like kids) could be easier to adapt. We can seek solution which is moral, but also is beneficial in long term. Having more population is generally beneficial. Need to send back radicals. Europe has limit how many people can cover at once. So influx of people should be stream not waves. People should be recruited in camps or office ourside Union if possible. The more people we accept the less we need to import, people need workplace inside Europe.

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I think we should promote stronger EU ties, creating a "federation" with the countries more involved, in the Eurozone, and keeping the others in EU but outside, with different perspectives. In any case, federate or not, we have to keep high social and green standards, even if it means lower "growth" in the short term (but much stronger in the long one). Migrants cannot be all welcomed, we have to share them in EU countries but in small numbers. Someone will have to be brought back. The problem with migrants and local population is that migrants cannot understand the local populations' "mood" as they are just arrived and are not, on average, educated. Moreover local population are better educated but on average not so much to be tolerant towards migrants and the "mistakes" they make. To sum up more education "in everything" should be pursued in the EU action.

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