Europeans at a crossroads to the future of the open society, sitting on a philosopher’s stone.


- Draw up the bridge - or welcome migrants as new citizens?

- Defend our own social and green standards - or promote liberal world trade?

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I think we should promote stronger EU ties, creating a "federation" with the countries more involved, in the Eurozone, and keeping the others in EU but outside, with different perspectives. In any case, federate or not, we have to keep high social and green standards, even if it means lower "growth" in the short term (but much stronger in the long one). Migrants cannot be all welcomed, we have to share them in EU countries but in small numbers. Someone will have to be brought back. The problem with migrants and local population is that migrants cannot understand the local populations' "mood" as they are just arrived and are not, on average, educated. Moreover local population are better educated but on average not so much to be tolerant towards migrants and the "mistakes" they make. To sum up more education "in everything" should be pursued in the EU action.
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