A new generation of scientists takes things further from the quantum theory to a new mind-bending quantum technology. Quantum computers and internet will unlock an amazing world of incredible possibilities.

- Can Europe take the world leadership in research this time?

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Europe has every potential to become the world's leader in research this time. Europe has advanced so much and has become very desirable for many people. The scientific research that has come from Europe has been excellent.
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Can it? One thing is to pump RD spending to 3% GDP. There are other promising topics just as important (GMO, Genetics, AI). EU need to be more science and rational (not forgeting humanism) than political and capital driven. Existing research need to be implemented. Same goes to social and human science. If we have Psychology knowledge we need to threat citizens with it. If we know that neoliberal and austerity is not perfect for long term growth, we need use something better. Research progress often depends on long term work, so1year grants may be not perfect. Some people are good scientisc but bad teachers (and opposite). Kids need to have contact with science to know if they like it. There need to programme to fast track kid prodigies.

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