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Budgeting: What does it mean to put your money where your mouth is?

We might have a lot of money compared to other parts of the world, but even our budgets are finite. Every cent and every euro spent on one project becomes unavailable from our collective piggy bank, so we need to decide where our priorities lie.


What should the EU budget and our national budgets be spent on, and why?

How do we balance short-term needs and goals with long-term investments?

Should we stop spending so much money altogether, but focus on saving it and think about austerity measures?


Find more resources from the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS).


Piggybank and a mobile with "Save Money" text on the screen
Image courtesy of Mein Deal on Unsplash


What do you think?

Try to be as concrete as possible when sharing your idea. The more in depth you go the more impactful your answer will be.

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