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Climate emergency: Can we still save ourselves?


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Extreme weather events, climate refugees, food insecurity, political unrest, melting of icecaps and permafrost, loss of biodiversity, rising sea levels... Climate change is real and it’s everywhere!


How can we transform society to ensure we fight climate change?

In this worldwide challenge, what is our individual role and what part should policymakers play?

What role do you see for science and technology, such as geo-engineering?

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.

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The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.
Briefing, April 2020


Clodagh Hanna
10 March 2021
I think we can save ourselves from a climate catastrophe but we must be realistic. While small things can make a difference we need to stop blaming citizens for not plugging out devices when they are not using them or not being vegan. If we are going to make meaningful change we must stand up to the big corporations who are the only ones that can make meaningful change. 100 companies make up for 77% of the greenhouse gasses produced. So yes we can turn the tide on the climate crisis but not until governments are willing to stand up to these companies and stop blaming well-meaning consumers.
Theodor Ilie
30 January 2021
optimist vs pessimist, we should pick a "gang"? Is easy to look at the mountains of garbage, the uranium deposits, the holes mad e by the mines and say that's not my problem, I didn't chose it. the adults, that people for my comunity chose to do it, they created it, they should resolve it? why, me a youngester, a free spirit, should I care? should I look foward carring the weights of an past because I'm strong and I had, easy acces, to trainging and I should be albe to advance. I should be a blind soldier that pick up weapon's and march with one group. We should go foward with the army and concer the fight the enemy, we must survive, life is beutiful. I should continuee dening that the enemy is wrong, that the planet will find a way to cool down. if one side wins, what it wins? People will go to a musem of exibition of tools that almost got humanity extint. We should not worry, we should wait for the end with our brain in a bath of drogs cocktail to not feel any pain. We did nothing wrong, we survived. Should be the last war fight, a war that ends with peace treaty sign by every human that made that far.
Honey, you are so total gen z. think what you what, i will pay you 4k to fight.
- We accept it, we point fingers, make sure we accept our mistakes and know what we are doing wrong and solve it.
- worldwide challenged, yeah, got exported worldwide, griddy bastards. roles, we don't fight this together? we let reasercher work "world wide". the role of peacemakers should play? movie director, but a story with happy end, no matter happens outside the set.
- Hope, a solid mate to fight alongside them.
30 January 2021
Of course. The best solutions the scientists have, we must follow. The citizens have to be informed and the social media and role models have to promote those solutions too, changing our everyday lives and making them more environmentally friendly. People’s attitudes can change and earth is able to heal more fast than most of us think that it can. As a proof for this is the change in the environment during the covid-19 pandemic where the people’s impact on nature has been dramatically limited. Who would have thought before that Venice’s canals could be cleared that much in such a small period of time?!
Matteo Pierobon
28 January 2021
With the climate emergency, It's not society that shall be changed because society already changes, but we need to give society the ability to change in the right direction without making a force on them.

The best way to do this is not by the single person behaviour but from the all union to work on some specific actions, led by scientific decisions, divided by economic situation and energy-grid systems (so a plan that has a different step to start for any nation of the union).

The main steps to do are:
1) Help in the West to invest in electric heat exchangers with high coefficient of performance as much as possible to reduce the usage of fossil fuels for domestic purposes.
3) Substitute the whole coal and oil line in the East of the union with gas and nuclear before going to renewables as the east is already fragile and a renewable hit will be an economic disaster for them, just one step at the time as we are doing in the west of the continent, not a rush.
3) Investment in nuclear power and renewables in the west shall go pair by pair, as the renewable will led while nuclear power will compensate the rest thanks to the new generation of reactors
4) Incentivate the electric mobility with theconstruction of charging device, and the research on them, while pushing to create a better working metro and railroad connection in the cities to reduce or put to zero the need of a personal car
5) Make the nations of the union create a carbon tax, with which pay the euro budget instead of receiving the money of general taxes, as this will seem like a simbolic act
Giuseppe Pomarico
25 January 2021
We must reduce the distance of the society from scientific knowledge. People in charge in our community must be specialized in order to protect the environment and ourselves.
Jakub Zelený
12 January 2021
Please stop subsidizing and investing in fossil fuels