Young people striking for climate

Climate emergency: Can we still save ourselves?


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Extreme weather events, climate refugees, food insecurity, political unrest, melting of icecaps and permafrost, loss of biodiversity, rising sea levels... Climate change is real and it’s everywhere!

How can we transform society to ensure we fight climate change?

In this worldwide challenge, what is our individual role and what part should policymakers play?

What role do you see for science and technology, such as geo-engineering?

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.

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The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.
Briefing, April 2020


19 April 2021
"Climate emergency: Can we still save ourselves?"

We could by drastic measures and degrowth. But when you see what's going on in EU with the Common Agricultural Policy, that is barely changing, the diverse free trade agreements and the policies decided in every country.
Too late.

Egzon Behrami
27 February 2021
Re-educate people , on keeping the environment clean , put missionaries out there , to check people on their way home from work , from their way home to work , all we need is less trash on the streets , and more trash on the can's !
04 February 2021
Force order taxation on the companies I did not submit to a more eco-friendly source of production. Companies with monopolies that refuse to co-operate must be broken up in order to save not only the free market but also the world from mass corporate greed and unrestrained capitalism.

On a local level you can implement more eco-friendly sources of power such as solar energy, whilst spreading the educational message of recycling and how it will save the world.

switching to nuclear energy will probably the best way forward in order to save in the world from using fossil fuels, and it'll buy us time to find a more safe source of power and energy. Tidal energy shows great promise, as well as fusion power. Although fusion is quite unstable.
When the power is obsolete, it may be used for areas that are more prone to high levels of wind but as a whole wind power or becomes more of an eyesore and contributes to noise pollution.
26 May 2020
Indeed, I agree with this. We should not rely only on political level to come up with solutions. As there are still many economic interests and old ways of living protected by them, it is important that we all help this shift by living by example our daily lives (lowering our consumption and curbing our desire to own things, exploring local alternatives, using less energy and water, etc.). And I would like to stress that it is not only young people who care about the environment, it's everybody's preferred choice. Sometimes this narrative that the older generations are not listening and are responsible for the current state is present in the politics and media. My grandparents and parents have always lived sustainably, it's just about life choices and nurturing modesty, resisting mass marketing forcing us to fuel our consumerism desires.
Krista Anna Belajevskova
25 May 2020
First of all, the idea that only certain type of people care about planet, shop in zero waste shops, make compost from organic waste etc. needs to be dismissed in society. This presumption is made because when greener lifestyle is suggested, it is like walking on thin ice just because these ideas might come up as aggressive for a lot of people. Most of these people then reject being more eco-friendly because they feel forced to change and to face the impact their lifestyle has.
Previously mentioned daily habits actually make the biggest impact on global sustainability. And if we can motivate the majority of society to start doing these habits in their everyday lives, we can shape these ideas as the new norm.
Young people can be the voice in this change towards a greener society. But different campaigns who suggest real plans of daily action (for example, setting up special places for organic waste in the city so that people who don’t have access to gardens can also compost) and who show how different ingredients used in everyday life products affect wellbeing of wildlife should not only be made to reach other youngsters but people of different ages as well.
25 January 2020
Science plays a foundamental role, every day new methods are coming out to solve many of the issues that we have to face up to.
I think that one of the biggest problems to dual with is the time for the pre-regulation process for new proposals.
Laws and bureaucracy , different for each contries, impose a limit on the entire evolution process.
We need laws that speed up the transition from old to new.
23 January 2020
The big question for me is not how can we cut emissions, because science offers a lot of answers to this question. The big point is how can we accelerate the transformation to a green society. Compared to other societal transformations like equal rights the climate crisis doesn't let us as much time as we need to cut emissions. There is a tipping point at 1,5° which translates into a remaining CO2e-Budget of 420 Gigatons.
So to answer this: In order to transform our society faster we need fundamental change. We need a fundamental approach that ensures the human rights by tackling the climate crisis and stopping greenhousegas-emissions as soon as possible. We need fundamental laws to regulate that. Laws which you can use to accuse and sanction polluters, companies as well as governments.

Our individual role is to convince the policymakers and people in power to implement these fundamental changes, e.g. by heading to the streets, by becoming climate activists, by making clear, that this challenge has highest priority.
Balamurugan Singamugam
15 January 2020
Zero Plastic Europe
We already found a invention, it will going to make Europe is the Zero Plastic country in the world
Guilherme Azambuja
14 January 2020
Most of the political discourse around climate change is not coherent or honest. Most of policy makers have realized that protecting the environment comes at a high oportunity cost for short term economic development and growth. Hence the main problems is that what is economically viable and beneficial for a countries development, often comes at a long term, irreversible environmental costs which has to be faced by future generations. I suggest that the only way to keep long-term interests (both economic and environmental) at the centre of decision making, the youth has to take on a more relevant role in policy decision making. Short-term economics interests are well represented in parliaments and national assemblie through, supported by vast ammounts of wealth in the private sector. But long-term environmental interests are if at all, defended but small grassroots movements, lone rider politicians and activists who lack both the funds and the platforms to spread their ideias and reach out to the masses.
Guilherme Azambuja
14 January 2020
Everyone has repsonsability and no one is to blame. As many experts suggest, climate change is not a problem but a symptom of an economic systems which is reaching saturation. This session should be focused on the roles and functions of us all and different groups in society. Rather than being a space to discuss revolutionary ideas, this forum should promote a debate about responsabilities.
We're increasingly confronted with environmental problems but theres is widespread confusion as to who should do what? To what extent should governments direct, impose or guide corporations and consumers? And who is to bare the burden ?
Clotilde Marchand
11 November 2019
Today we should considere our environment differently. In fact, it makes nearly 200 years that begin massive resources extraction, like if the earth gave thoses resources to use as a christmas present. That is not true, today we must realise how works the world: all depend on all. It is like if every actor on the earth signed a contract with all others. We broke the balance of this interdependant system. This problem is not the result of humanity, is the result of massive production. Now we must tax the massive production and its members ( gaz/coal/petrol factory and all others that extract or make their business over natural resources, all). The contract I mentionned before would be respect only if tax permit to give back to the nature what we take. Like that we should use the proposition of the french " pacte finance climat" that develop a crisis action plan to save not banks but nature.
Citizen lobby begin but it is not enough. Politicals organisations must be the voice of their populations and now populations are saying that ecological politics must change.
10 October 2019
We could make nontraditional plays about environment. There's plenty enough people who enjoys watching them. What's more plays can make you see things from different perspective that leads you to question your own life if it's really the way you want to live. I think that seeing something rather emotional have a really great effect on our society.
10 October 2019
We should make a fine that can be active near the regions of the seas. Everyone who brings easily blown away plastic near the sea and are caught bringing it gets a fine. Although it sounds a bit harsh it can work out and keep away seas from being contained by direct plastic litters. We already have a fine for smoking in public places so a fine for bringing unfriendly plastic near the seas could reduce the amount of the sea and ocean pollution.
10 October 2019
We should invent special bins where plastic litters can be thrown away and recycled. Since plastic is light-weight it can be easily blown away and enter rivers, seas later oceans where it turns into microplastic. If we invent special bins for plastic that don't let plastic to be blown away then it could help us to reuse plastic and save oceans from being contaminated by microplastics
10 October 2019
We should make events about environment why it's important to think how we live our lives. For example we can make an environment career based festival for youngsters that includes discussions about multiple career fields and how much impact on them the environment has. a lot of youngsters don't know what they want to do in life so it leads them to explore multiple career based events.
10 October 2019
Nowadays a lot of youngsters are not enough informed about the climate changes we're experiencing in the nearest future. To make youngsters realise that our future environment is in our hands we could use social media to inform them by adding knowledgeable adds about environment before the videos or posts they're seeing on social media.
Elīza Stella Štraumane
10 October 2019
As most people make waste everyday by buying food in plastic and other not recyclable material packages - it would be great if there were more grocery stores where you could buy food without any packages or put the products in your own package. EU should make financial support or other type of support program specifically for zero waste stores, promoting more stores to be created.
10 October 2019
Each country must produce as many goods as possible for itself in order to reduce international freight transport. If there are any products that need to be transported abroad then it is a good idea to consider carefully the quantity of products we actually need so that they are not produced in excess and natural recourses would not be spent unnecessarily.
10 October 2019
We must plant as many trees as possible, especially in big cities. We should find alternatives like natural liquids for field spraying and stop using chemicals which also poison air. We should recycle as much as possible and should not keep waste in landfills.
10 October 2019
We all have to start with ourselves - waste must be sorted and disposed in special containers to reduce pollution. zero waste stores should be developed and we should go shopping with our own fabric bags and glass jars. We should use renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal energy or biomass excluding fossil fuels for home heating. During summer we should avoid using air conditioniers and try opening windows and using fans instead.
10 October 2019
The youngest generations may not know the need to try save the climate but a great way to influence kids and teenagers would be through celebrities to show that their idol is doing something to protect the earth.
10 October 2019
A lot of people doesn't know how and what they can do to help the environment so the country can tell with brutal honesty what the country is lacking and needs to work on.
09 October 2019
Reevaluate lifestyle choices . If nothing changes there will be no future.
09 October 2019
Put more pressure on countries to have harsher regulations on factories and waste production and help designing better recycling systems and services.
09 October 2019
World and me... Imagine that time is stopped. You are at that point where you are now. Open your eyes and see what are around you. Nothing happens... You can be yourself without other people thoughts, ideas and goals. If we want to change something we have to start with ourselves. We have to think what we are and what we want to be. I started with my thinking. I thought that nothing will happen if I will not save water or will burn old journals. One usual day I started to think that someone do not have drinking water and someone is drowning because of rising temperature.
I realised that I can change these horrible things! I imagine two people in this danger every time when I am opening water tap or saying that I have too much old journals in my house. I hope that I help someone acting in such a way! I am inviting everyone to start with little things as I or someone else started. If everyone of us will change something in our everyday then world will be in safety.