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‘I love my job’: Is a flexible and meaningful career an option?


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Young people are constantly criticised for for having a bad attitude towards work: expecting too much creativity, too much independence, while also not taking any responsibility when things don’t go as planned.


How can we turn jobs into attractive choices for young people to stay motivated and efficient while preserving our work-life balance and creativity?

How can we adapt the labour market to allow more people to work comfortably and have more time for own interests, social ties or raising children?

What do we need to do to ensure we all have jobs suited to our needs, interests and abilities?


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03 March 2021
What I feel is that while we (young people) are studying we are exposed to the most cutting edge technologies, methodologies, thoughts, countries and experiences and when we arrive in the job market, most mid-size companies don't have the vision, openness or managers with competences aligned with everything we experienced before.
Our exposure to all of this (and to the internet where we see, faster than ever, all of what is done by the best of the best) makes us have really high expectations that end up being put down because most mid-size companies aren't what we were expecting.
I think that there should be an effort to pull companies to a higher standard, but also to ground young people in the reality of most companies.
30 September 2019
I love my job very muchhhhh