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Live fully: What is a life well spent?


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We’re all aware that we have limited time on earth. Thinkers since before Aristotle have been asking what we should do with that answer, but there doesn’t really seem to be one definite answer.


What is a life well spent?

Should we primarily be striving for personal satisfaction, for happiness – both physically and mentally?

What’s the role of religion in an age when young people either tend to be completely disinterested, or so totally committed to religion they are willing to sacrifice their lives for their beliefs?

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.

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The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.

Briefing, June 2020

At a Glance, December 2019


04 March 2021
I think a life well spent is one you are happy with Everyday you can't be the happiest you are so I think living life how you want it and being happy with yourself and what your doing is a life well spent.
Again I think if a person wants to believe in Religion and it isn't forced onto them they can be committed to an extent. I think people should accept all religions however much they do/don't believe in them
09 February 2021
A life well spent isn't some type of dictionary definition, it is an absolutely subjective matter. On the other hand there are some guidelines that maybe would make everyone agree on our life's purpose: we are not destined to live trying to gain as much money as we can, or to have the latest trends in our closet, or even to  run towards the end of life  looking solely at our own needs. 
Human life is about so much more than that: it's the journey of “social animals” trying to be as content as possible. This way of thinking leads to relationships, friendships, trips around the globe, gaining as much knowledge as we can, because we are curious and we always ask ourselves  "what is the real meaning of life?". To answer that question, philosophers have argued and thought for so long about it, that it has become the foundation of all other questions towards life and its limits. But what have they actually achieved? Hypothesis obviously. Because we  may struggle everyday to find an answer or to have proof that some deity exists, but we have no certainty about it. The only things we may be certain about are very little: we need to be good towards others and ourselves to live in harmony with nature and everything around us. With this perspective on life it is easy to find a just cause to follow through and to live in tranquillity: we could even do the less paid job in the world, but if we are doing good then we are never forgetting our purpose. In our society nowadays we can clearly see the greed and the “love” for money everywhere, even more with these multi-billionaire companies that seem to live on another planet, completely forgetting that if they're not helping others, they have basically achieved nothing, because money is nothing useful to life itself . 
If we spend our life helping others, through science, through nice words, through beauty or through giving, we would live a life worth living. 
We have a limited time here, we don't have to run towards something that society is telling us is right, we can realize our own principles in our life, find out what is right or wrong, and maybe if we all asked ourselves "what is society? what really is money?" maybe we would get that nothing is more relevant than life itself. 
We are the first generations to see these things together: kids raised with technology from an infant age, tech progress, fast life towards money. So we are intending to change, to bring the world back to its natural harmony: we're believing in something pure, something that existed long before us and in world peace, because none of this political bitterness or conflict makes any sense, we are one big society and we are one.
20 January 2021
hi, I'm Carmine
I come from Calabria, Italy and despite my young age I think I have found my balance.
In my opinion, life to be lived to the full must be made up of both successes and failures, both happiness and anguish because only in this way can we give value to what we have.
I thus support the doctrity of the famous philosopher anassagoras, according to which knowledge can only be reached through the dissimilar, to explain myself better, only if we are cold can we actually perceive heat, the same applies to what I said previously.
Finally I believe that the role of religion is very important, although I am skeptical, I understand how important it is to have something to believe in, also to be more enticed to live better!
Katharina Tscheu
16 July 2019
A fulfilled life for me is that you yourself become happy by making other people happy. How this succeeds is then up to each one. This can be achieved with the help of religion by bringing together a community that supports each other and thus makes each other happy. This can be achieved in a profession, for example a service, or most of all certainly in medical and social professions. This can succeed in the family or in the circle of friends, in which one is held together and one spends time together. A fulfilled life should therefore not be an end in itself, but should also fulfill other people, so that after our life something positive remains of us. Only in this way can changes succeed and then also bring large communities such as the EU forward.