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Waste: Should we buy less or dispose better?

Our consumption of natural resources has spiralled out of control. It’s become clear that something needs to change: if not in our pace of consumption, then at least in our methods of disposal.


What methods do we have to slow down the production model?

What should we do about the plastics and waste that are already causing problems?


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marila alfano
12 November 2019

We need new real recycling politics, oriented towards a circular economy based principles. With this I am not saying that 'we should recycle better our wastes' but that we should first of all start reusing all our packaging and think twice before purchasing something that will be then immediately thrown away. New politics should be introduced for all the takeaway food shops, pushing them to start using re-usable packages. For example it could be possible to create a 'fidelity' service were the costumer uses and re-takes to the shop (or gives back to the delivery man) the package used to deliver the food. Another option would be to stop using one use cups, either via the payment of a deposit or by incouragin people to around with their own re-usable mugs. It's a complete shift in the mentality of society but those are just small necessary steps that could help for the bigger shift that, I think, is imminent.

Billy Warren
08 August 2019

Although many consumers are attempting to buy products with less packaging, a large sector of society is constrained, to a certain extent, by price. This results in consumers being forced to buy products with more packaging as it is actually cheaper. In turn, this causes a climate where people do not expect to pay the true price of their purchase in the sense that buyers only pay for the product, not the cost of the creation and disposal of packaging. To reduce excess packaging, governments should place a 'packaging tax' on poducts packaged in hard to recycle materials, meaning cheaper products are also the least impacting on the environment. Thus, to combat waste, both better disposal practices and greater government intervention in supermarket pricing are important but a focus on the latter, in my view, would make a greater impact. Intervention from the highest level at the soonest point would make the largest impact on waste and preserve the most natural resources.