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Multilateralism: How can we improve cooperation?


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This year, the United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary.

The challenges our world is facing are legion: climate change, global pandemic, poverty, migration... the list goes on. As different as they may seem, these challenges have one thing in common: they are global. During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to work together to build a better world.

  • So, how can we improve cooperation?
  • How can we make sure that we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How do we make sure the world recovers equitably?
  • How can we make the most of multilateralism?


Simone Sbernini
14 February 2021
The covid pandemic has highlitened the role and the importance of multilateralism in international relations. The implementation of Recovery Fund agreement made by EU is an example of how cooperation is important for helping to resolve problems. In a period where isolationism is a common feelings International organitasation could improve their action for leading all member in a equitable situation, in a way to reduce the disequealities. If the goal is clear, the process to arrive is not easy. Regional organisation could invest in economic program for a more integrated market with a rules system that it keep into consideration local difference. Second, it is important for international organisations publicize in a more incisive way, because somentimes people don't understand the importance of this institutions, because they don't know their actions. Third, international organisations should create a better world for the future citizens. So, in this direction some of the most important challenge is maintein peace and resolve the pollution problem. And here, we should see the importance of International institutions. They should invest in research for leading the green technologies more cheaper in a way that all countries could acced at this technologies. And they should create economic solutions for leading the poorest countries in a better situation, for example sending experts, engineers, managers and above all invest in instructions with the creation of school.
Because it is clear that a more united world lead us in better future.
Theodor Ilie
25 January 2021
As a Romanian I can say we are not fully European and we don't have the same status as other members.
- By compartmentalizing regions into sustainable regions, developing for, buffer and unsustainable. Major investments should be redirected to buffer zones where the unsustainable area is reborn. people who suffer from the lack of optimal conditions are those who can balance and develop a sustainable society.
- Continue research, facilitate the adaptation of new technologies in an attempt to shorten the transition / conversion period.
- setting a minimal action over that field no matter the priority of it.
Karolis Kniežauskas
23 January 2021
I might seem naive and abstract, but I always believe in the main Europe's problem - lack of leadership.
We are united in diversity! This slogan, for me, reveals not only the true meaning of the European Union but and an example that mankind is trying to create a new form of civilization. Why we meet so many problems, then we are trying to reach the stars? Maybe the biggest problem is - lack of inspiring leadership. Lack of Martin Luther's Kings, lack of Mandela's, lack of the people who believe in the future of the Union so much, that even regular European citizens, which one is hard to convince, with the help of these people, will start to change their stance on the matter. A lot of young people shout loud, initiates much. But they change nothing. European Union meets so many problems: corruption, social dilemmas, immigration, gap between poor and rich, nationalism, populism. And youths initiative usually stays only a presentative gesture for the society -,, Look, we are modern!''. I believe in the idea, that every man has the right to say what he wants, even if those words have the power to raise a revolution. We will never change the people's minds by educating them against their will, trying to sanction them by law. At the and governments usually pays the ultimate price - people's mistrust. People are not stupid even if they have reached nothing essential in their lives. Still - they usually have a strong intuition that something is wrong, that they are ignored. Europe can not become a federal state, it will be the end of the new civilizations opportunity, we will build an ancient, federal, centralized institution. The true power of statecraft lies in the absolute freedom created by education. If we still meet problems like uprising, sabotage, terrorism, those problems arise only because of the lack of education and inspiring, corruption-free leaders in politics which we all want to believe.
frank primault
26 November 2020

je centre surtout ma réponse sur la gestion écologique en relation avec le développement durable pour les générations futures. Je prends l'exemple sur les emballages, je remarque que de plus en plus de produit sont emballés dans du carton recyclé au lieu du plastique, il serrait intéressant au seins de l'UE de sensibilisé cette méthode sur l'ensemble des produit au-delà du simple produit alimentaire.

Sur le long terme cela pourrait réduire considérablement l'impact carbone dans les pays ''dépotoir'' et pollueur, a mon sens c'est une parfaite façon de donner un exemple a bonne conduite.

Par cette même idée, il serait tellement plus agréable de donner une chance a la plus jeune génération avenir. Je veux dire par là, ouvrir une possibilité a des écoles maternelle et ou primaire de créer des fermes et de mini potager, pour apprendre aux enfants de manger autrement et de consommer autrement.

Il est probable que les idées ci-dessus sont déjà en développement mais j'en ai énormément de la même catégorie.
24 November 2020
When you are planning a project in another country, please include the diaspora community. We are FAE-FAE, the Federation 4 Asian communities in Europe - Fédération des communautés Asiatiques en Europe. We teach our members to go on the EEAS website, the Erasmus+ project result website, the website of the DG Devco; how would you feel if you are trying to help your country of origin and then see you are completely bypassed by huge projects taking place over your heads?
24 November 2020
We promote linking up with larger existing logical frameworks / scaffolding s.a. the UN Calendar of Observances - you know with the "World days/weeks/years/decades", or the EU values and organisation in Directorate Generals and the programs s.a. Erasmus+ each one organises. All of these come about after solid processes of consulting top stakeholders/knowledgeable organisations and people. They are quality. It's like flying along strong wings; hooking your own wagon and together create a momentum. In the case of the EU, the programs' logical framework, come with a calendar, resources, partner finding tools, money and are built upon solid research/democratic polling so that you have guidance from the most inspiring and knowledgeable organisations within your sector and are doing useful stuff, catapult you way further to a higher level and find knowledgeable people and organisations, not some people with a mental disorder that have a big mouth but only offer chaos, no logical framework and no money. Sincerely, FAE-FAE Federation Asian communities in Europe - Fédération des communautés Asiatiques en Europe