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Wonder Women: How can we all be equal?


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Discrimination on the basis of gender is prohibited in the foundational treaties of the EU and in the European Convention on Human Rights. From a legal perspective, gender equality may be ensured, but studies and statistics clearly say it isn’t so.

  • How can we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic that amplified existing gender inequalities in a way that empowers women?
  • What kind of barriers to women’s leadership do you see and how can they be dismantled?
  • How can the backlash against gender equality in some European countries be counteracted?
  • How can we respect and protect all women, no matter their background, age, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, religion?

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.

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The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has selected some of its resources to provide young people like you with background information and insights linked to the topic above.


Clémence Camille Juliette Emma Ibtihal Alizée
08 February 2021
-How Can women have the same rights as men in the work environment in the EU?
We would like to ask when women will have the same salary as men, when women could have the accessibility to do male dominated jobs like fireman, policeman, politician. Also, when women will get access to high-paying careers : same hierarchical level, accessibility to high-ranking posts. Why with the same diploma men and women have different chances of hiring. How the glass ceiling can be broken. Finally, why women are not given jobs with responsibilities because of their maternity leave.
Iris Catanzariti
02 February 2021

Today we live in a modern society, in which all of us are working in order to eliminate discrimination due to differences in sex, race and religion. I would like to focus my attention on the female figure and on how even today, despite the numerous successes, she is suffering at the hands of men because of institutional and ,sometimes,legalized abuse of power.
We know, thanks to history, how women had to fight during the years in order to be considered equal to men. In Italy women voted for the first time in 1946, after a long time of battles against the Institutions. Even today we are witnessing episodes of discrimination, and this is caused by a patriarchal vision of society, for which women must remain at home to clean and care for their children. Instead men can simply live their lives by working and earning money.
As I said in the introduction, we are trying to escape this vision in order to make everyone understand that equality is a right that belongs to each of us. Being a man or a woman should not affect our life prospects.
Recently, the situation seems to have improved. Women are emancipated, they work, look after their children and have time for themselves. But despite that, even today, there are cases in which a woman earns less than a man, despite the working hours being the same. We hear men say that a woman has success only for her physical appearance, or that a woman who doesn’t have children by the time she reaches 30 years of age is worthless.
I would like to address my thought to all citizens, trying to make them understand the importance of equality between men and women, of how we all have the possibility of realizing ourselves as people, in our work context, choosing not to be discriminated on the basis of this.
We are in the 21st century and now, we can no longer accept sexist discourses, in which man imposes himself on women. Both sexes go in the same direction with the same employment, social and political opportunities.
Ludovico Papalia
29 October 2019
I continue to repeat that the importance is not the sex of a person but his ideas. We continue to put attention about how much men/woman there are in the parlament but the most important thing is what they do for us. I'm ready to vote a 100% famale/male party if they have good ideas for European life!...??
P.s. in Italy we have a really big problem with the "maintenance allowance" that for the judges is given (99% of the cases) from a man to his ex wife to maintain "her lifestyle". Connected with that there's also the injustice between the abortion possibility for woman and the impossibly to refuse paternity for man.