Europe 2020: time for a new mission to Mars, our nearest planetary neighbour. The EXO Mars rover - Europe’s famous next-generation space robot - will travel across the surface of the red planet to search for signs of life.


- What do you expect from the EXO Mars mission?

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We as humans, always had the desire of knowledge. Some more than others, some further than others explored the boundaries of our big, but yet, little planet. Our only home. And this strong desire is what has to push us forward, the next big step. Space exploration, a planet network (maybe?). Mars exploration could be the first big european step out of the concerns and problems that divides our nations today. A demonstration of the capabilities that we have when working together on a common objective, achieving ultimately great results. Proving in science what we can't manage to prove in politics. A european "union", that co-work with everyone, but is in no ones shadows. Mars could possibly be important in the understanding of planetary ageing, climate change, human adaptability in a different environment. (Maybe even find out that mars was once inhabited by sentient life?). We have made scientific/technological progress, let's not just limit ourselves to say that we got that "0.3 seconds faster smartphones", the next generations deserve better chances to succeed where we will fail, to dream bigger than we ever could. We sure need to make space exploration as environment friendly and less resource consuming as we can (in order to build long-term programs), but that can only happen by working harder and with enthusiasm, and then, not even the stars will be our limit!

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Hopefully the EXO Mars mission will result in new knowledge regarding outer space and possible signs of life on other planets in the solar system. Finding signs of living organisms on Mars will have a huge impact on science about the universe, if life can exists on other planets, maybe we could too. The idea of humans or animals living on other planets than earth may seem insane or impossible to many, however, before 1969 no one believed that anyone would be able to walk on the moon.
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We are all human beings and with the evolution we all have the instinct of discovery.During the whole history human beings always move somehow.Our ancestors were very curious about unknown things this is way they invented lots of things and they discovered new things.So why wouldn't we be like them?The race to Mars is one of the best way to unite all people.Because although we have boundaries in our home,earth, there is no boundaries in space.In space we are all earthling.Our home is one.Of course we love our home but can we resist the feeling of discover?No ı don't think so.I think these space missions should show us that this blue pale dot is our home and we all have to protect it while we going beyond our boundaries.EU unites people like space missions in my opinion. I think that EU can absolutely achieve this mission and it will open one of the most magnificent horizon to all human beings ,Mars.What I expect from the EXO Mars mission is to find out about Mars and its sources much more and to find and share things that will wake up the feeling of going beyond our horizons and discover new worlds.

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I dont think Europe should make this a priority anytime soon. The race to space is an extremely expensive endeavour and I am all for scientific advancement, but we have enough problems on our planet to focus on, and to be honest I dont expect much of value from a mars mision. Civil wars, climate change, social and economic challenges. I like the European Union specifically so much because it's grounded and, in comparison to other countries, doesn't try to distract the population from the real problems with some crazy and unrealistic as well as unnecessary undertakings. The European Union receives its legitimacy from the people and is accountable to them, and spending billions of their tax money on something that doesnt give the people anything concrete in return is just not something that can be justified. For this reason, I believe that Europe should definitely not get involved in any space race. However, I am absolutely pro supporting European researchers in their activities, providing grants to allow valuable studies and achieve scientific progress, and for qualified European scientists to activitely participate in the space missions of other countries. Science itself should definitely be an important concern of the EU, but participation in a space race just for the sake of it? Definitely not!

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I expect from the EXO Mars mission to be led in a direction in which it what we search is coming together in the whole continent. It will a way for every European researcher to work as a team. We all have to work together to make it a success and showing the world that Europe is not hidden in the shadow of any other powerful entity in the domain of space. This will our goal, using communication on the topic all over Europe to let everyone know that this mission is about to put us before the eyes of the world. Like this we could all focus on the same project, wherever we are in Europe. I don't want Europe to be a simple country, but a team made of multiple agents able to lead the way to a better future. We are the continent where ideas are introduced in the first places in term of human rights for example, so let make it on the space level. Communicating, inviting europeans to participate as one big team. What I would like to find there, on Mars, is what we can learn and bring to Europe in term of science advancement that could help us for our environmental issues. All of this made transparent to let everyone know what's going on and let the lobbys out of the picture.
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The race to Mars is very important for the EU and its citizens. It unifies us, it gives a good eample for what the EU stays and it gives us the possibility to show what the EU can achieve! BUT, we have to be wise and not let profit-thinking lead us. If we go to Mars and see what is going on there, we have to calculate with many risks what could happen if we are there. I epect from the Mars mission, that they will maybe find some useful ressources under the surface of the planet, so we could stop take all from our planet.
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I am all for scientific advancment, and that could be one of great ideas Europe needs to stay united.* There is a problem of people being less rational (flat earthers, no vacine society, no global warming) * I think that it is more important to focus on science which have close benefit to human life: GMO foods, genetical medicine, auto prostetic, Advanced AI use, computing, energy, close economy (better recycling), better matterial chemical. It is hard to tell if Mars colony is near future and how benefitial it is for common folk. * at least it is good excuse to make ground research on many subjects, "space technology" generally sneak in our lives for better * i am more concerned to not be hit by giant asteroid. So LIGO is cool. * Space exploration could be more about research itself and increasing interest in science in general. * Generally Europe could be made more scientific and rational. But with though about progress of common people condition, not just making lab rats happy.

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