The new force of machine learning and automation will not automatically move in the right direction. We need to make hard political choices.

What are your ideas to avoid unemployment and to turn higher productivity into benefits for all?

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We humans design robots and write a software for them, so we are taking ALL RESPONSIBLE for what they do. Thankfully the algorithms they use are known to their masters, so we can be calm about "robotic - fobia" shown in the science fiction movies. However if we are developing automatics at some industries, there is smaller need of humans hands to work, so there is less and less working place, so it's harder to find a good job. Also robots could be used in various situation for example in the army as a soldiers - they will be better, because digital electronics are more precisious than human hand, so we should not allow to build militarian robots and drones, which could be used against human beings. However developing robotics and AI is really important to support human work NOT TO USE AGAINST THEM

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The natural process follows that automatization will take over more and more jobs so, if we do nothing, we will have less and less taxpayers to hold an increasing unemployment system. This will collapse the system because taxpayers will lose acquisition power and unemployed people will receive smaller and smaller subsidies. Therefore, we need to guarantee a basic income system for all the citizens held by the owners of the means of production (robots). This will ensure the survival of the unemployed and avoid that the workers are taken over by competition.

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I think our future colleagues are robots, mechanical man. Nowaday all technological development produce artificial intelligence, mechanical man or woman (robots). The artificial intelligence "Shibuya Mirai" became a citizen in Japan. Mirai likes talk and shoot photos As Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence robots will take the place of mankind. I agree with this idea.
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Fund AI security research at least as much as quantum physics (including LHC)
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Tools. AI will do what we program it to do. Europe could use it to automate boring tasks which are below human expectation. In time human could do things which machines cant, or which are just fun to do. There is potencial in human-ai cooperation to speed up thinking, but keep human decision making. Protip: dont give emotions to cleaning robots.

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