The Sakharov prize - Europe’s top human rights award - honours individuals and groups who have courageously dedicated their lives to the defence of human rights.


How can Europeans stand up more for human rights?

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We should start openly criticizing religions. We should apply reason and the scientific method to analyze and then (if done properly and honestly) reject religious myths. We should be able to openly criticize religions in the same way as we can criticize astrology, homeopathy, political arguments, or any other claims. Religions cannot be granted a special status, especially because they encourage billions of people to break human rights.

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I believe Europeans can stand for Human Rights only through education. We need to be honest about the fact that "information campaigns" are rarely effective. The most important and sustainable way to promote human rights is through formal and non-formal education. I am personally committed to human rights education through non-formal learning - that is, in my opinion, largely more impacting than formal education.

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There are things we can do in our daily life to urge, recognize and encourage the compliance of human rights. Those things are connected to workplace, on the sports field, at school, in street and everywhere. Firstly, we should be informed and inform others also, about why human rights matter. For instance, we could read and share the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or promote stories on social media concerning people that we know and have stood up for their rights. Furthermore, we should be defending other people when their rights are trampled and we should mention it to the authorities. If we see someone being harassed nor bullied on the street, or public transport, at wok, or in even in school, we should support them and help people whose voice is rarely heard to share their point of view. Moreover, we should support others’ human rights, by donating to organizations that uphold victims of human rights abuses, or by volunteering through a group that promotes defense of human rights. Another important factor is the contribution of leaders to the uphold of human rights. We must urge our government, law makers and community leaders to make public commitments regarding human rights, sign related reports and pass laws in favour and protection of human rights and ban those that are against them. Last but not least everyday life action is required. In online and daily conversations, we should challenge harmful stereotypes, fight against prejudice and defend tolerance, also talk to children about human rights and point out positive and various role models.
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As the great Mahatma Ghandi once said "Be the change that you want to see in the world". If we ourselves are not willing to change and stand up for what is right, how do we expect others to do so? If we sit back and allow others to get away with the wrongs that they do, how do we expect them to stop and change? How do we expect to win the fight against inhumane acts, suppression and a threat to our civil liberties? The answer is we cannot. It all starts with us. We have to fight for humanity, freedom, liberty and peace. When we see wrong we do not just sit back and allow it to happen, we fight with all our might because a person who sits back and watches is just as bad as the culprit. We need more action, more guts, more strength, we need more people to stand up and fight for what is right.
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