As accusations of sexual misconduct keep growing, the need to respond to sexual harassment and assault is more urgent than ever.

- How do you think sexual harassment could be fought at European level?

- Which concrete measures would you propose?

- Can you come up with successful example projects at local or national level?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your ideas will be!


The need to do something about sexual harassment is urgent and we need to act now to not loose this opportunity. The legislation in member states of the EU needs to be improved and harmonized, while the position of the victims of sexual harassment/assault must be strenghtened. I suggest some improvements such as: 1. Having an education program or course in high schools about consent. 2. Introducing into national legislation a law that don’t put the victim of sexual assault into a state where she/he needs to meet certain ”criteria” to get the perpetrator convicted. 3. Introducing a group within the police force to deal with cases of sexual assault/harassment so victims don’t have to use social media as a last way out to get justice. 4. Provide a simple traning program for workplaces and other institutions to learn about e.g. Frozen fright etc. 5. Have institutions to enable a simple reporting-system for cases of sexual harassment (even a simple form, where one can be anonymous could work).

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Sexual harassment can be fought by a number of ways: 1. There must not be any publication of the accused until it is proven they did commit the crime as once a person is accused of this kind of crime, even if they are cleared of it, it sticks with them forever so we must be absolutely sure it is true. 2. Immediate investigations should be launched as soon as a report is made and not left to get worse. 3. Promote equality between the sexes and ensure that it is being implied. 4. Send the message to both males and females that they are safe to report it and their cases will be dealt with in a discreet and serious manner.

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