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How can Europe support a culture of start-up businesses with social impact?

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Europe could have some form of European Court of Business, for enterprise to fight if they are threaten unfair in local court. Judges elected by Euro Perlament. Juedges need to have experience in national courts. This could not be a tool for multinational corps. (these are not our friends, not always, and often not) It is not always about startups, sometimes it is more important to promote midle size companies to rise, and be more competive and ready to trade. Companies generally work to offer some needs. Some needs need to be fulfilied by govertment, since they are not profitable enought, but have high outside effect. (not reflected in price) Like transport service, health, education, Pensions. It could help to have shorter work hours (more like 30h/week) since that leaves more time for social activity or family. There could be a way to work part time for old people, so they still can work, but at less hours. Grants for startups could be sector selected, focused on field where we have lacks. Like reneawable energy. Some public investment have social impact, like transport or urbanization. They help people connect. It is important to keep labour at work. Feeling useful has greatest social impact. It could be achieved by lowering income tax on low income families. Europe need to learn how to tax capital (not let it avade to tax heaven), and embrace europe tax (from CIT, capital gain, or stock operations). Europe need to be cautions with free trade with countries which abuse labour. The solution may be to just produce more locally.

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I don't think it's always about social impact. Many of the new business models are simply made to cut costs, gain more income or to improve existing services. People noticed that if they don't use some of their equipment or space, they can simply rent it out. Or they can save money and room in their apartments not owning stuff but using access to shared devices. It's the way smart cities are going towards - car sharing, public bicycles, coworking spaces etc.

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Europe can create mechanism for embracing social entrepreneurship and encourage member states to create legislation that helps business to create bigger and longterm social impact

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