We feel betrayed when games are not determined by fair competition on the field of play but by doping or corruption.


Can we get the ball rolling to clean up sport in favour of fans and athletes worldwide? What do you propose?

Should autocrats with dodgy human rights records be allowed to host the world’s most prestigious sporting events?

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i) We can surely get the ball rolling to create sports free from corruption and serve the ideal of an athletism unaffected by interests. My proposals are: Introduction of a global anti-corruption union concerning all sports, which would impose harsh penalties. In addition, a clear description of how to set up a match. Last but not least, there is need for raise of awareness and training of how to detect and suppress corruption in sports. That should concern all individuals. ii) Autocrats with dodgy human rights records should not be allowed to host the world’s most prestigious sporting event. There have sporting ideals established, like competition for pure well-being and not for any monetary gain. Furthermore, respect for the opponent, competing with yourself. It must be mentioned that through sports we can learn concentration, perseverance, self-discipline and in general all qualities that help the inner seeking. If such individuals host those events, ideals will be tamed and sports will be transformed into a cheap spectacle.
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I dont care about commercial sport. Why should i? * it is more important to make common citizens healthy, by providing quality food and options to move the body * Europe could rethink GMO position * there are ways to use GMO to provide more healthy vegetables to the masses or to produce more insect larvas with proteins or grow pigs with human organs, or just make meat in the tube. * build more sport facilities for common folks to use. * some taxes on junk food or added sugar could be an option.

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