Start-ups and innovative enterprises play a vital role in gaining prosperity and creating jobs.


How can the EU support young people in starting their own business?

Can we create a culture that tolerates failures and gives young entrepreneurs a second chance to succeed?

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Being a student with an aim of studying economics, I definitely believe that the strength of experience is undoubtedly more useful and essential than the knowledge we are taking throughout our books. EU should support us because we are the future of this planet and if we don't take the overall knowledge needed now, then our lives will steadily lead to decadence.EU can promote some competitions where the terms of collaboration, responsibility and entrepreneurship are used. Also EU can offer free guidance from experts ,conferences and scholarships as rewards .Consequently, students not only will they show interest in taking part in these competitions but they will also learn from an early age the difficulties and the obstacles of being in a business. Only in this way they will get prepared and eliminate the chances of failures.

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Young entrepreneurs often have great ideas but not so much knowledge how to make them work. Most important support is to educate them what are the opportunities. To let them know how incubators work and where to search for networks. They should be able to get mentor, providing feedback on their work, to improve the idea before launch but also to learn from mistakes. In some countries universities still teach only theory from the books, without much practice so students after graduation don't know how to use their degree and obtained knowledge on the real market. We shouldn't only learn theories and frameworks but how to actually use them in real cases, not to be afraid to try.

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