Cities play an even more important role in the era of globalisation, offering local solutions to global challenges.


- What is your model for a sustainable city?

- What are your proposals for the well-being of young people and families? - cohesion between all generations, affordable housing, safe public spaces, and fitness areas?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


I am an engineer student and I am writing my master thesis about a new system for driving cars. It is based on hydrogen produced splitting water into its primary components. It works, it is reliable and safe and in the short-term period can make conventional cars cleaner and in a further future it can be a good solution for only hydrogen fed vehicles. The company which is working on this technology is called Hydromoving. With this system, it will be cheaper having more public transports and reduce traffic in cities.

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A sustainable city would be full of vegetation and food growing in the streets, on the roofs and in all so far unused gardens. Transportation would be collective, ecological and free : bikes should be available in all cities and roads should be made for them. Public spaces should be many for people to encounter each other and build social, economical or artistic projects. Culture and nature should be at the core of the new cities.

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Traffic in big cities is one of the main problems we have regarding air pollution and climate change. So I would like to propose a ban on driving private cars in big city centres. At the same time, I want to extend public transport in these centres to make it possible for people to still be mobile.
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Cities should be concentraded to some degree. Like 5-6 flats high. That allows public transport or just walking around. Endless subburbs and family automobile steals commuters life and kills planet. There should be some form of public housing for young families. So they could move around after jobs. There should be entertaiment zones, parks, playfields. There need be various public transport forms and care sharing service. Subburb automotives should park on rim of the city, and peopl should move to public transport.

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