The twilight zone of globalisation is a secret universe of hidden wealth, clean beaches and dirty money. Secrecy-havens facilitate tax evasion, money-laundering and other criminal activities - and widen the gulf between rich and poor.


What should be done now to trace down the money and to overcome the twilight economy?

Who can take effective action: the European Union or each Member state?

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In order to tackle tax havens and tax evasion Europe needs to step up and enforce charges both upon those who commit the crime and who aid the culprit in committing the crime. The ways to enforce this that I propose are: 1. When discovered the company will endure a heavy fine for harbouring the crime and allowing it to take place in the first place. In addition to this, the culprit should be brought in front of the European Parliament (or court of their own country but if they are in front of the European Parliament then the European Union is setting a good example that it will not be tolerated) and be forced to pay every penny of the tax back to their country if they refuse to do so they face imprisonment for tax evasion/fraud. 2. If the companies who harbour the tax evasion continue to harbour the individuals committing the crime then they will be forced to close down and those involved in the scam will be prosecuted. These are the only ways you will be able to set a firm and fair message that tax evasion is not acceptable.

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PUTTING EUROPEAN WORKERS ON AN EQUAL FOOTING TO LIMIT OFFSHORING The European Union, 123 million of people are at the risk of poverty according to the NGO Oxfam, meaning a quarter of the population. We have to put an end to the economic reasoning that guides the European Union in its choices. We have to fightsfor a social Europe based on solidarity where employers do not put workers in competition. We want a dignified minimum wage and tax harmonisation (a common ground for taxation) within the European Union. The only way to achieve these objectives is to fight against social dumping (employers putting workers in competition, between rich and poor countries where labour is cheaper). Such fight must be complemented by a social protection based on solidarity between European countries, backed by the European Union using the example of the French solidarity system. Such battle must later be fought on a global scale.
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