Big cities play an ever-greater role in the globalised world. They attract young people leaving behind small towns and rural areas.


- What do you propose to improve life in villages and in rural areas?

- How would you spend EU money for agriculture and rural areas?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


We propose an integrated vision of the territorial, environmental and archaeological resources, in which the different elements characterizing the historical-cultural identity of the places are contextually enhanced (art, environmental heritage, memory, history, cults, wine and food peculiarities, etc.). The value and potential of cultural heritage must be considered as a resource for sustainable development and for the life quality of rural and intermediate regions. For these reasons, the landscape can be considered as an ideal and privileged planning site for research on the cultural identity of a society with different history, religion, art, foods, etc. The "Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society" considers landscapes as fully part of the cultural heritage, and, as such, must be transmitt to future generations. With the Ancient Appia Landescapes project, the global approach of research has enriched the knowledge of Benevento territory enhancing the relationship between environment and community. The involvement of the communities in the process of identifying cultural values takes place through the recognition of heritage as a resource for sustainable development. The knowledge of cultural heritage increases awareness, public spirit, sense of belonging and entrenchment, making possible a "return to the territory".

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We propose to enhance the role of the UNESCO sites that insist on rural and intermediate areas to make them become poles of management and organization of the territory. The identification of the universal value of Unesco, from a declaration of excellence, must be translated into a physical space, a natural hub of experimentation that supports the discussion and exchange of ideas, supporting a rural regeneration. The UNESCO sites will thus become areas of boost, able to lead the development of economic activities promoting the emergence of social, cultural and creative start up. In this way, the social and economic value of culture becomes the fulcrum of socio-economic development of marginal areas.
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Unemployed from the cities...go to the rural. Go start Jobs as farms or orchards ir other manual jobs. New housing in the rural. Using renewable energíes. Eco school...summercamps...
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Zakládat Malé farmy rodiny budou dostávat základní příjem a budík produkovat regionální výrobky sýr zavařeniny a vše co Malá farma vyprodukuje

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İ would propose EU to includes a commitment to good governance,development and poverty reduction strategy in both villages and the Rural areas.By improving basic education.primary health care,Nutrition ,safe water and sanitation .Address the special need of those who live in Landlock areas.İ propose EU to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all especially those who stay in villages and the rural area ,make available the benefits of new technologies ,especially information and communication to them ,Strengthern their security systems,Ensure their environmental sustainability,Assist the farmers both financially and technologically because Agriculture is one of the key factors toward economic growth. Make sure to establish an open commercial and financial system that is connected, predictable and non-discriminatory anyone. Addressing the special needs of least developed rural areas and villages.those who live in the rural sides can make a great impact in the development agenda of European Union but they should be given the qual opportunities
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Peripheries need sustainable development improvements through social changes. The rural societies vary depending on a region but it is the society that implements change. In my opinion the EU should bring the local communities together by programmes that would at the same time integrate and educate the population. As the citizens of villages do not entirely depend on the external entities influencing their habits or customs, such events should be coorganized by the locals. This could help identify problems whinin the communities, such as using poisonous materials for heating which would decrese the air quality in the village. As people could actually smell the pollution directly from the air they breathe they would be more determined to get rid of a problem. Therefore they would ask the programme supervisor to help the family that releases the pollutants through providing the resources of greener energy. It is important that the programmes do not focus on penalties(which are not affordable for empoverished rural inhabitants) but on the delivery of proper resources for the greater good of our globe.

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Rural regions should not suffer from low quality public service. They still need transport, and train transport. Post offices. High quality schools. Libraries or other cultural houses. But there is a limit how much you can move to rular. Sometimes the answear is good connection with nearest city. The big problem could be One Metropoly model. EU should be more like network.
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