Clean, freshwater is critical for human survival, short in supply and at the source of sustainable development.


- Who protects the planet’s most vital resource in times of climate change?

- What actions should the European Union take at the global level and at the local level?

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Following the steps that have been taken for energy saving in building across Europe, European Union should also take measures about water saving in private and public buildings and in industry. Renovation of plumping systems should be funded and every building or industry should have a water management plan.

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European Union have to do some changes with fiscal policy to protect the environment, for example to raise the car taxis(fuel, insurance etc.) after that will refuse the number of cars. Then, everyone who can't pay the taxis will use bus or train or anything else except car and I believe this is a good step for human survival.
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Hello Is it possible to sens photos. Best regards Philippe

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I think that in order to protect the water resources we have to look at the water from three points of view: quantity, quality and accessibility. From these three perspectives, we should start our discussion of free and fair access to this resource. Water is the blood of Planet.

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Protect water in the city
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Water should be free and accessible for everyone within Europe (and outside also though), it is a first need element, as air. In today's world, if air is free, it's only because you can't catch it and we all agree to say it would be a nonsense to make pay air. I think it's a nonsense to make pay water or even restrict it to homes. The only entities that should pay for it and have limits are industries.
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